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  1. 100% right Jo, he should be mortified with himself!
  2. It is to me. Can't beat the rest of it?
  3. I don't. Go through my recent posts and find two, not including this one, where I did. If you want other leaders, fine. 1. Lenin 2. "Uncle Ho" 3. Mussolini 4. Emperor Hirohito 5. Slobadon Milosovic 6. The FARC in Columbia 7. South African Prime Ministers 1930-1994 8. George Wallace in Alabama I can go on... As to most Americans disagreeing, that's not a black and white matter. Believing that an entire group of your humans is flawed is, that's like what those above leaders did. Bush's job approval is different than fundamental rights questions.
  4. The majority of Germans agreed with Hitler, didn't make them right.
  5. Of course I was not talking about you.
  6. We agree on this! It was a great one!
  7. Generally everyone, you do best to ignore him, but it can be hard. (Talking about SS)
  8. If you want I'll get you a gmail account, just give me your hotmail adress.
  9. you mean like make state with only two voters and have them both be really difficult to get switch?
  10. Look at the total for Newfoundland: http://img177.echo.cx/my.php?image=min8ug.jpg Martin 99,299 Blakie 99,344
  11. I'm Pelosi, the scenario is House of Reps. 04: http://img200.echo.cx/my.php?image=untitled269jv.jpg
  12. I'd like to thank all my fans, who made this posible...
  13. Oh, good. That apocalypse insurance I bought is finally going to be worth it!
  14. That makes the most sense, damn do I have to agree with Mantis?
  15. Swing Voter


    Look at the little tag at the top of the first post in this topic, it was made a few months ago, october to be correct.
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