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  1. It is, I've done it. I'll try and find the screen shot.
  2. For my education, who are they?
  3. I’ll provide an alternative to KE’s list, mainly because I lived in Oregon and I don’t want them stuck with McKay (plus the fact that he could not get elected there): Anne McLellan - Texas Paul Martin- Michigan 9I’m not sure why, but I agree with KE here, although Illinois would be good as well) Jean Chretien- New York (It fits, or so it seems) Stephen Harper- Arizona (Semi-conservative, solid but not to big) Stockwell Day- Idaho (If it’s not Mormon, and really right wing it’s from Idaho) Jack Layton- Massachusetts (No change, it fits like a glove) Bill Blaikie- Minnesota 9Left-wing legacy state, largely working class, good match) Belinda Stronach- California (Ontario is your biggest state, California ours, plus more moderate than NY) Peter MacKay- New Hampshire (Moderate state, North East, match made in heaven) Joe Clark- Kansas (Came from Alberta, makes sense to have him from a right win state)
  4. Democrats (mainy centrist third way types, as others left for the Green Party): Senator Evan Bayh Senator Blanche Lincoln Governor Bill Richardson Senator Ben Nelson (not Bill) Ken Salazar or Kathleen Kathleen Sebelius, Mike Easley Republicans: All sorts, just not southern Senator Rick Santorum Governor Bill Owens Senator Sam Brownback Governor Tim Pawlenty Senator John Thune (might be big by than, just kind of as a different candidate to the usual) Greens: Liberal Dems, and all of us who are already here Governor Howard Dean Senator Bernie Sanders David Cobb Barbara Boxer Barak Obama (pleas, can we have him!) Southerners who want out: Zell Miller Johnny Isakson Trent Lott George Allen Richard Shelby Names my not be right, but I think it’s a good group
  5. Looks great, I can come up with Cantidate options if ya want?
  6. The southwest is not on the par of Conservative you may think it is. NM, CO, NV, AZ, all could go PC or even Lib, same for the Dakota’s Montana Wyoming which are mainly just libertarian.
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