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  1. As Playing as the Social Credit Party, I managed to whittledown both the Tories and the Liberals to pick up 64 Seats in Quebec and a seat out in British Columbia.
  2. I was playing the 1993 scenario and I managed to prevent the historic collapse of the PC party and the rise of the BQ in one fell swoop.
  3. I would like to have a look when it's finished. Emperorsolo@gmail.com
  4. In my Alberta 2004 Game not only did I win 5 seats as the Alberta Alliance but Ralph Klien lost both the Election and his seat. Not only that but the Alberta Party managed to win a seat!!
  5. What would be the difference between buying PMFUK and buying the commonwealth pack. Do both versions come with the Canadian and Aussie scenarios?
  6. This my game after playing as the Canadian Alliance.
  7. Since President forever has a forum dedicated to election results, I was wondering if we could do that here in the Prime minister forever forums? It would be really cool to see everybody else's record in Prime minister forever.
  8. Justin


    Will the next update include Shiella Copps for the Liberals as well as the two other CPC candiadtes who ran for the CPC leadership as leaders of the parties in PM4E?
  9. I was wondering if you guys are going to adapt the Primaries version of P4E and use it to simulate the Leadership races in PM4E?
  10. Whoops your right. It's supposed to be the 1988 scenario.
  11. Just played a new Game as the PC's. Progressive Conservative Party: 190 seats (blue) NDP: 61 seats (tan) Liberal Party: 41 Seats (red) Reform Party: 2 Seats (green)
  12. I just played the 1988 scenario as the Progressive Conservatives. I won a minority government with 148 seats. I was kind of dissapointed when Preston Manning beat Joe Clark in Yellowhead. Looks like I'll need A new Secretary of State for External Affairs. But oh well....
  13. What are your best Results while playing Aussie PMF? I won 59 seats with John Howard in my first game.
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