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  1. When playing with the primaries I consistently get the two messages, "List index out of bounds" and "Invalid floating point operation" whenever I click "Done Turn". This only occurs when playing with primaries on; when I turn them off I can click "Done Turn" and everything works fine.
  2. I was adding a few more candidates to the Primaries version, and I came across a problem with the images. For whatever reason, a few images won't work despite the fact that they are the same size and format as the other images that do work. I get the error message: "Invalid image size". After this, I see the name of all the candidates, but no pictures for any of them, including those candidates who have images that work. The odd thing is that if I click on the candidates profile I see their image, including the image that I was given the "invalid image size" about. Again, the image(s) that a
  3. I think a better feature would be just to simply name third and fourth parties whatever you want. If you want to call it the Green Party, the Libertarian Party, the CHEESE Party, the PIZZA Party, the PAR-TAY Party, the Happy Party....etc. Instead of having to CONFORM to whatever the third and fourth parties names are.....and coerced into simply changing the party platform (which would only take "two minutes") thus not having the simple possibility of naming parties whatever the hell you want....
  4. Here's a question I definitly wish to have answered.... When this new version comes out......if I purchase the CD......will the CD contain the primaires? I was talking to a friend who owns the game and he was under the impression that this is merely a patch (the new primary version). And that if I were to purchase the CD it would NOT include the primaries unless I request the patch. Of course I hope that if I purchase the CD that it WILL contain the primaries so I don't have to get the patch.....
  5. That's the thing though, I want to do more than just merely edit current parties....
  6. Will this version have the ability to create your own party? For example...instead of having to have a Democratic, Republican, Independent, or Libertarian Party....can you create your OWN party.....and name it anything you want (Like...the CHEESE Party)....and also create as many parties you want? (As well as have primaries for your made up political parties.)
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