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  1. I've got regions, Issues, candidates, although its all really rough right now I can't get it to do exactly what I want (I.E. a close election...) Kwame is in dire political straights right now... I don't see him mounting a serious campaign, that said I'll add him, but with almost no money and about 80 alienated outside of Wayne county...
  2. Well I agree with you on Kwame(He could always be governor of his jail cell?), and Land. (my rumor mills are saying she's filling one of the Solid-R congressional seats...) I will include her... I doubt Cox will take nod though. Granholm is termed out.
  3. Warner, I think I have all the Republicans down but, who might the democrats choose? I've got Dillon, Stupak(SP), and Cherry. Are there any others, and who is Marc Corriveau, what would his stats be? (For the Republicans I've got DeVos, Bouchard, Land, Miller, Cox, and Bishop, with Johnson, Betsy DeVos, Jane Abraham, and Hoogendyke as sleepers) Thanks, I'll try your advise. I'm seriously thinking overhauling a few areas, (Wayne county, Oakland, and the 9th, and 5th districts a bit.)
  4. I've almost got it finished, just a few kinks to work out. I'm also working on Michigan 2006 (Granholm(I) Vs DeVos), Michigan 2002 (Postumus Vs Granholm), and Michigan 1990 (Blanchard(I) Vs Engler). I'm having problems with the game starting off well balanced then turning into a massive Republican Landslide(like 40-60) even though michigan is a 53-47 state... Any idea what might be wrong here?
  5. Send it this way and let me check it out! asgmartinez@gmail.com
  6. This sounds like a great Idea! And Superdelegates and congressional districts would better model the 2008 election. I like the Idea of a "Convention minigame." Perhaps you could spend money, (on bribes*posibly negative?* or parties*no negative but less powerful*) and PIPs to sway votes, make deals(i.e. VP, endorsements.), and even send out agents to make deals (like imagine Ted kennedy*for obama*, or Bill Clinton taking ppl by the arm. ) I've been on the inside of convention (statewide) politics, and there is nothing more engaging than watching the arm wrangling and schmoozing
  7. Can I get a copy please! Asgmartinez@gmail.com Thanks!
  8. Can I get a copy, Please? ASGmartinez@gmail.com
  9. You know I've thought about that... but you could use the state party conventions... at least for the republicans. as for the democrats thats a bit trickier... and I just got Team of Rival and it is amazing!
  10. Alright here are the issues I worked out and if I have something wrong or if something shouldn't be listed, let me know... Slavery(the candidate's feeling of it), Rights of Escaped Slaves, Missouri Compromise, Tariffs(on manufactured goods, Industrialism, Kansas-Nebraska Act, Right of Secession, Dred Scott Case(ie expansion into free states), John Brown/Harper's Ferry, Black Literacy, Black Suffrage, Military Funding, Southern Aristocracy, Transcontinental Railroad(should it have gone through south or north?), Relationships with European Powers, Manifest Destiny, and (Role of) Central Government.
  11. I've been trying to work this one out... if you get something shot it this way so I can take a look! (or if you need any help) ASGMartinez@gmail.com
  12. Please send it this way?! Asgmartinez@gmail.com
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