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  1. No, I was just copying the error message, it's more than that scenario, it's all of the player-created scenarios.
  2. For p4e+p, when I try to play a scenario I got from the website, any scenario, I get this error message, 'cannot open file scenarios/United States - 1976//party images/candidates/large.bmp Help please?
  3. Maybe put Rudy back in? Edwards for sure, Jeb Bush maybe?
  4. Can I get a copy? Doovie120@yahoo.com Also, why don't you just post the file on a site such as rapidshare and it can be easily download? Thanks.
  5. I purchased P4E 2004 several years ago, and I had the information sent to my father's e-mail, because my e-mail was having problems. Well, a little after that, my hard drive crashed, this was almost two years ago. I recently had him forward me the information e-mails, and when I click the download link, I got some shoddy DOS file that doesn't do anything. Help?
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