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  1. Any chance of sending it to stjohnv12@gmail.com . Danka!
  2. I'd like to suggest adjusting Debs' integrity. As a man who turned down a promising career in the Indiana Democratic Party and is currently imprisoned for his beliefs, he is about as integrity-ridden as you can get.
  3. I'd expect once Theoryspark creates scenario creation software for '12 they'll begin flowing rapidly.
  4. Does anyone still have this?
  5. Where is this I can't seem to locate it on the page?
  6. Would love to be able to play as Debs!
  7. Ran as Eugene McCarthy (independent) in the '76 scenario and managed to pull off 11% of the vote and two states by focusing exclusively on Minnesota and later Wisconsin.
  8. It's a thrilling battle of the Reverends in 1988, as America chooses between Jesse Jackson and Pat Robertson. I played '88 with all the normal candidates on as Jackson. Winning the early primaries, it soon became clear I would pull out the primary victory, however Dukakis refused to back out, dragging the primaries out well into June. However, as I expected to win the Dem's nomination, Pat Robertson was the big upset, winning every single Republican primary in a massive wave of momentum. By March 9th every other Republican had pulled out. With a massive advantage in time and money, Robertson was up by 11% by the time I finally wrapped up the nomination. However I had a few tricks up my sleeve. Accepting the $75,000,000 in public financing, I spent $25,000,000 of it in the first week, garnering a large lead in momentum. This, in itself, lead to every paper endorsing my candidacy, compounding my momentum advantage dramatically. By the end of September I was up by nearly 8 points. I maintained the lead, though it shrunk, through October without spending more then a few million. This allowed me to release several nationwide ads in the last days of the campaign, combining them with 2 medium sized scandals and you have the following result, including a stunner in Texas where Jackson won by a landslide.
  9. Quick note, the answer Bernie Sanders is impossible as he is not a democrat..
  10. Only someone with a very limited and one sided knowledge of economics could think that tax cuts stimulate growth.
  11. Although a bill can bass de jure with 52 votes, de facto it require 60 votes to break a filibuster and thus the bill could not be passed with 52 votes. Other then that this looks great.
  12. Name: Senator Ilyich Vissarionovich Party: Democratic Age: 47 Home State: New York Bio: The son of two Soviet refugees, Vissarionovich is a home town Brooklyner born in 1961 and one of the leaders of the left in the party. He was elected as an independent to the New York City Council in a surprise upset in 1982 fresh out of college at only 21. He quickly rose in popularity and the Democratic Party agreed to endorse his 1988 mayoral run following Ed Koch's retirement. At 27 Vissarionovich was the youngest mayor the city had ever seen. He became a close friend and ally of Cuomo and replaced him as governor in 1994. Vissarionovich then served 8 years as governor before entering the US Senate in 2002. He has served as chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus in the 6 years since then and, after giving the keynote address in 2004, has become one of the leading figures of the Democratic Party and the founder of the modern left-populist movement within the party. Stats Leadership: 5 Experience: 3 Integrity: 3 Issue Familiarity: 3 Charisma: 4 Stamina: 3 Debating: 4 Crusaders: Governor Mario Cuomo PIP: 5 Power: 4 Director Michael Moore PIP: 5 Power: 4 Senator Bernie Sanders PIP: 4 Power: 3 Attorney General Andrew Cuomo PIP: 3 Power: 2 Joseph Vissarionovich (Brother) PIP:0 Power: 1 PIPS: 15 Funds: 2,000,000 Issues: Abortion: Center-Right Education: Center-Left Energy: Center-Left Environment: Center-Left Free Trade: Far-Left Government Spending: Far-Left Gun Control: Center Health Care: Far-Left Immigration: Center Iran: Center Military: Center-Left Qumam: Center-Left Regulation: Far-Left Same Sex Marriage: Center Social Security: Far-Left Subprime Mortgages: Center-Left Tax Rates: Far-Left War on Terror: Center
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