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  1. Any chance of sending it to stjohnv12@gmail.com . Danka!
  2. I'd like to suggest adjusting Debs' integrity. As a man who turned down a promising career in the Indiana Democratic Party and is currently imprisoned for his beliefs, he is about as integrity-ridden as you can get.
  3. I'd expect once Theoryspark creates scenario creation software for '12 they'll begin flowing rapidly.
  4. Does anyone still have this?
  5. Where is this I can't seem to locate it on the page?
  6. Would love to be able to play as Debs!
  7. Ran as Eugene McCarthy (independent) in the '76 scenario and managed to pull off 11% of the vote and two states by focusing exclusively on Minnesota and later Wisconsin.
  8. It's a thrilling battle of the Reverends in 1988, as America chooses between Jesse Jackson and Pat Robertson. I played '88 with all the normal candidates on as Jackson. Winning the early primaries, it soon became clear I would pull out the primary victory, however Dukakis refused to back out, dragging the primaries out well into June. However, as I expected to win the Dem's nomination, Pat Robertson was the big upset, winning every single Republican primary in a massive wave of momentum. By March 9th every other Republican had pulled out. With a massive advantage in time and money, Robertson
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