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  1. actually we've had a history a strong candidate running as an independent (not so much the 3rd parties doing well). Perot got some votes but no states. However, Wallace won 5 states. The Dixiecrats got a few. Teddy Roosevelt also won states when ran as Indy. (granted it has been a while since a new 3rd party became established and replaced one of the majors. no Whigs around any more, etc.)
  2. ok, my other choice was to vote for Bush. I've tried to give Kerry a chance but he failed to convince me (A lot has to do with idiots like Moore and company - all that jazz turned me off more than anything)
  3. I viewed the "Socialist Party" as the more left-wing (an even more liberal group of democrats....could even get some of the big names to join up with them - especially those from Mass). Moore fits fine there as would Soros. Even Alec Baldwin and Bruce Springsteen (to give some "fun foes" for Mr. T.) Throw in Al Franken too. Then maybe Rush, Ollie, and Sean Hannity in the Reps. Bill O"Reilly in the American "moderates" (would be a fun debate!!) I think Arnold belongs more in the American Moderates. He's not exactly the conservatives' favorite son in California. He (like Rudy G, Pa
  4. could almost set up a timeline with all the candidates from 64 to 76 available (maybe even with different ratings for different years on some of them -- LBJ would go down in the 70's....and Ford would be lower in the 60's as he was even less well known). This would allow several "dream elections" including JFK vs Reagan, RFK vs Reagan, LBJ vs Reagan or Nixon. If it extends to '76, would also have the option of Nixon vs Carter. And with all these candidates, the primary would certainly be interesting too. And since we are assuming there were no assassins, you could add MLK to the mix (ev
  5. heck, I may write him in this year. give him a head start.
  6. it would be interesting to be able to haggle over the terms of the debate (as long as it doesn't get as crazy as it did this year -- how many pages of rules did they have? lol)
  7. I'm not sure how much prep helps in the game. I often neglect it but still do well in the debates (with most candidates). it seems being rested gives them more of an edge.
  8. was just thinking if u wanted/needed to add a few more candidates, there are some current cabinet members like the Attorney General Ashcroft (former senator of MO) and Ridge (among the other Gov's that Bush brought in). But looks like the major parties are well represented. What a ticket Rocky Balboa and Clubber Lang would make!!! Could always put Mel Gibson in here too so he could run with the Terminator. (I'm assuming most of the candidates are included as VP options too) also could see McCain in the splinter group Amercian Party....along with Colin Powell. Could also see Zell M
  9. interesting thought. the amount negative campaigning shoud be a determing factor in turning off voters. Negative keeps your opponent voters at home, while positive brings yours to the polls. (or negative turns them undecided - and they might stay that way and stay at home unless given a good enough reason to vote for you)
  10. I never taken the time to try to create a scenario either - seems difficult (at a glance anyway). but would be interesting to add JFK as an option to the '64 Johnson - Goldwater (not sure who else would have been a viable Rep. option at that time) election. (with the assumption that he lived to have a re-election). This would also set up the next one ('68) to include Johnson (or RFK) vs Nixon (as well as RFK vs Nixon or Reagan in '72). The lazy way out is to include all these guys in 1 scenario (not sure how much the electoral map or issues changed from the 64, 68, 72, 76 elections). I'
  11. vols21

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    http://www.golemlabs.com/ is the website to the game's developer. u can get more info there
  12. I think Israel would be another good option
  13. this can be a fun campaign because almost any of the 4 candidates can win at any time (I finished 2nd as both the 3rd parties without even trying). On the other hand, I've won my largest landslides as GP Bush. He can really run away from all the others.
  14. pulled out of MN?? Bush was just there today - big rally in Rochester was all over the news. still going to be a tough state for him to win, but it has moved away from his strong liberal past. Guess we'll see just how far.
  15. that at least makes it interesting at the end as you don't know who will win.
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