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  1. Wondering more how I can logistically pull this off. As you know the City Council is completely independent but there are loosely based political affiliations on the Council. I.E. Mayor Ford is Conservative, Mike Layton who is Jack Layton's son is from the NDP. Basically I've felt those on the Right are put into the Conservative Leaning Bloc, Those who are firmly on the left go into the NDP leaning Bloc and then there is the Centre which is the Liberal Bloc. Kind of like what we have in Parliament.
  2. I almost have it finished except something weird happened when I tried to close out Wyoming, I don't know if I can send my base file, all someone has to do is fix the code on Wyoming I can then start inserting percentages and I just need some tweaking on the issues and Scenario file, can anyone help me?
  4. Where is my copy what is taking so long tony?
  5. HOLY $#@% You destroyed Harper, I've been able to get him down to about maybe 1 or 3 seats, usually Kevin Sorensen hangs on in Crowfoot, harper hangs on and maybe Myron Thompson.
  6. Yes where is this anyway? Can you tell us?
  7. What exactly does this thing do, I've created third party scenarios and they work fine, but what exactly does this do?
  8. MY DAD WENT WAY PAST THE THING AFTER HE ORDERED! I need the download file.
  9. Alright Im Pissed off you promised it today and It better be here today!
  10. A few more questions please Tony? Will Premier Forever have all the same stuff as Prime Minister Forever-British Version?
  11. Will they have the referendum as a side result?
  12. I figure soon, there are still some unnominated candidates, only one party has a full slate and thats the NDP
  13. Well I'll still do 2001 and 1997 because they were still elections.
  14. red blue green yellow light-blue dark-blue light-green dark-green light-yellow purple orange brown gray aqua pink green-alternate
  15. Adam Carr's Election Archive This site above lists many countries different elections.
  16. BLUE, you forgot blue. just regular blue
  17. OMFG, I think I just had an orgasm. When does the British Columbia Election Come Out
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