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  1. the Man on the Foto called Schott is the former german Chancelor Schmidt, who is a member of the socialdemocrats. As the socialists and social democratic parties have all joined one party in europe, the name could be used for them in the game. http://www.pes.org/ By the way, Helmut Schmidt - who is put on the people's party - was a founding father in the 70ties.
  2. the problem is, that the undecided sometimes shift to fast and seem to go randomly go to any candidate. Sometimes this resulted in strange outcomes, like an 2% third party candidate on the monday before election wins 2-3 States on election night... - it seemes to get better and better. maybe the allocation process should be somehow more: 1) Undecided tend to go to the winner/ possible winner, so if a candidate is trailing by more then 5% in the polls the undecided folk has a much lower chance to vote for him. 2) in primaries i would give the frontrunner an advantge on the issue based alloc
  3. isn't it that way, if you finish the primary season with more then $75M. And it's a little complicated to let the candidates raise for 2 elections gamewise, as they do in reality. overall a very nice scenario I had some real trubble to win with Thompson. Despite wining Iowa the Wyoming Caucus loss hurt the momentum very much. AS everyone looks on NH an IA a win in Wyoming should be very low profile momentumwise. The bigger problem seems to be, that there is no reality check, what happens if the field is going out the February Primaries with no one able to win the nomination on their own.
  4. first: M. Bloombers libertarian run. I spend 550 Million - mostly on tv adds from the beginning till September/October. After that date, I only advertised in a few states, as I reached amazing momentum in all states. The major parties were both in a catfight for the nomination all the way through to the conventions. I belive Pauls success at the convention, despite beeing forth in delegates, was also a result of Bloomberg. I belived Giuliani or Romney would get the nomination an was constantly leacking scandals on them to clear the space for higly demaging stuff. By September I manged to
  5. hi, could you please send me a copy too? hexoral@gmx.net thanks
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