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  1. Of course, anybody is welcome (and encouraged) to do what they like as a scenario! We have already a Wales scenario for the 2007 election for Chancellor Forever.
  2. The idea is that if the NDP elect a weak leader (and they are not the best of opposition right now), I think that they will lose some points in Quebec if they elects anybody else then Mulcair. For the Liberals, all of this will depends if they elect a good leader, I am not sure who they will elect and this especially that the provincial wings are going weaker and weaker. But again, it's not rare to have the same PM during 10-12 years in Canada. However, things change fast in Canadian politics. Who knows what could happens in 4 years. If you want to look at crazy politics right now look at Quebec. Probably that the old party system in place since the 70's will burst after the next election.
  3. Like many others, I would like to see something based a Middle Eastern multicultural country as a hybrid between Israel and Lebanon. Never had been done before. Also, did anybody was ever interested in a fictional scenario with a country based on China as RL elections in Taiwan, Hong Kong or Singapore are not very interesting to do as a scenario? Also, maybe a country based on RL Greece which also have an economic crisis. With these two, I think that the micronational world will quite a few parts on the RL world. Even a fictional scenario based on Southern Africa had given something very interesting which seems quite realistic.
  4. I wanted to see how much a party could lose points by changing 2-3 issue positions. Endorsers could probably be, The Regina Leader-Post, Saskatoon Star-Phoenix, The Western Producer, The Prince Albert Daily Herald and the Moose Jaw Times-Herald for newspapers.
  5. The Sask Party are just too low in popular vote as compared to polls. This is the only problem that I see. Also, I have a error message if I change the issue positions too much.
  6. Ontario in the 1940's, would make an awesome scenario. Also, a Manitoba scenario in 1990, with the Liberals in power in a minority gov't. A New Brunswick scenario in the 1970 would also be epic, with a charismatic leader for the PC. Also, the first Newfoundland election as a Canadian province would be a good scenario idea.
  7. Candidates? Nfld: Fabian Manning (CPC) NS: Jim Cowan (LIB) PEI: Mike Duffy (CPC) Catherine Callback (LIB) NB: Noël A. Kinsella (CPC) Percy Mockler (CPC) Pierrette Ringuette (LIB) Fernand Robichaud (LIB) QC: Larry Smith (CPC) Josée Verner (CPC) Pierre-Hugues Boisvenu (CPC) Roméo Dallaire (LIB) Francis Fox (LIB) Céline Hervieux-Payette (LIB) André Arthur (IND) Jean-Claude Rivest (IND) ON: Art Eggleton (LIB) Marjory LeBreton (CPC) Doug Finley (CPC) Hugh Segal (CPC) Don Meredith (CPC) Bob Runciman (CPC) MB: Sharon Carstairs (LIB) Jim Maloway (NDP) SK: Pamela Wallin (CPC) AL: Bert Brown (CPC) Betty Unger (CPC) Cliff Breitkreuz (CPC) Grant Mitchell (LIB) Claudette Tardif (LIB) Ray Martin (NDP) Link Byfield (IND/Wildrose Alliance) BC: Nancy Greene (CPC) Richard Neufeld (CPC) Yonah Martin (CPC) Mobina Jaffer (LIB) Yukon: NWT: Nunavut:
  8. matvail2002@gmail.com Thanks a lot!
  9. I don't know. I think you have a few options: -Strong rate of undecideds in Quebec ridings. For example, put the Bloc incumbent at 20% at the start. -Use an option (don't know which one use), to put 60%-65% of the Bloc support at very weak. But again, maybe that a good compromise will be to put Layton charisma at 4 or 5 and his stamina at 2 or 3. For Duceppe, put lower number for him with his leadership than in the 2008 scenario. Iggy should also have weaker numbers than Dion. In their riding, Ignatieff and Duceppe should maybe have only 3 or 4 stars. I remember seeing an African fictional scenario was a big number of undecideds at the start. Maybe put the same thing only for Quebec.
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