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  1. 2012 Hard w/Cain turned off to acknowledge his departure from the race. Paul/Johnson vs. Obama/Biden The Libertarians finally won; God help us.
  2. First post from 2012: This scenario is immensely hard. I ran as Romney/Christie vs. Obama/Biden and had about everything that could possibly go right for me happen but still lost. Still felt it was worth posting because every swing state was so close that the popular vote came down to less than 1800 votes!
  3. Hard. Dean/Clark vs. Bush/Rice In a nice bit of irony, Florida came down to less than 6k votes, Ohio less than 36k votes and Dean got 'a thumpin'' in the popular vote. This is the one elusive victory I have struggled for some time to overcome, and rightly so as Bush had 52% of the populat vote locked up and every state accept Mass before I'd even clinched the nomination, so I am quite proud of this one. A little miffed about losing Michigan by 3% though. Also only got "incompetent" for this one, though this is probably one of the most struggling victories I've ever attained.
  4. Hard. Weld/Specter v. Clinton/Gephardt
  5. As a native Nevadan, this is probably my favorite game ever. It was done the hard way. 'Hard' w/Laxalt/Bush against Dukakis/Simon, no cheats. Since I started out with only $100k, my only goal was to win NV in the primaries. I was conservative in my spending, only running one newspaper ad on leadership in NV and barnstorming it like mad until I pulled out a huge lead. Then since there was time before the first primaries, I started targeting IA and KS and obtained huge leads there. For a moment, I mused with the idea of winning some key primary states and getting enough delegates to vie fo
  6. Who said anything about people wanting change?
  7. Hard. No cheats. No exploits. Dem V.P. Greatest thing ever was running against a Paul/Palin ticket. lol
  8. Alright, last one: I always had trouble winning the primary as Bentsen... not this time.
  9. I played this one and really focused on his hard left issues, I figured I'd be out by Iowa, but I ended up annhialating the primary and winning the general.
  10. Wonk on hard, no cheating. Thompson/McCain v. Obama/Dodd
  11. Please tell me how on earth you were able to pull that off!? Is that on hard? A Howard Dean victory has eluded me for too long...
  12. Actually that is hard on wonk... no tricks other than yes, the ole make the other party's front runner your V.P. trick. First, I swept all of the early states and supertuesday, picked up all the endorsements from advertising momentum, got a few endorsements and I bribed Obama into being V.P. because he was more charismatic and had one all the solidly democratic states. Next I spent the rest of the primary raising money and declined public funds, entering the General with over 300 million. I also went into the general with a whole bunch of negative research done beforehand and cable televisi
  13. Finally!!! 538-Nothing, over 100 million votes and almost 4x as many votes as Hillary!
  14. I picked Hillary as McCain's V.P. after she had about 1600 delegates or so and just played defensive in any states Barack had a chance of barely winning.
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