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  1. i would like a copy of the scenario... ogreatcoray2003@aol.com
  2. true, i dunno...i guess it will be factually inaccurate
  3. ok...im going to compile some issues as well...
  4. Any suggestions? Anyone who doesn't know, this election is with the split republican party(bull moose, republicans) and Wilson running against them....so it will be an interesting scenario.
  5. Virginia is put together with west virginia...Georgia is a regular state in 1800..i used the actual census numbers for population and voters(white freemen over the age of 21)
  6. I'll just shorten the campaign season also, maine was a territory of massachusetts, so if you go to maine, you'll be visiting mass.
  7. I'm going to make this a 1800 scenario, and just act as though the 12th amendment has passed, the 1800 scenario is a lot closer and competative
  8. like any other election. This is the first election that allowed for Running mates following the 12th amendment, unfortunately the whole primary process is different, so its going to be a lot of fabricated that part. Its going to be tough to stop Jefferson from winning since he is a popular incumbent
  9. Democratic Republicans Thomas Jefferson(on) George Clinton(on) James Madison(off by default) Federalists Charles Pinckney(on) Rufus King(on) John Adams(off by default) Issues are being completed now
  10. This will be my first one, so any help will be appreciated. This is the first election after the 12th amendment, allowing running mates officially.
  11. i bought campaigns forever today, but i accidentally put and underscore in my email address. Therefore, I never got the keycode to unlock the product. If you need anymore info, pm me or write here. I sent an email through the contact page as well.
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