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  1. As as I said... California and Michigan broke for me at the last minute, thanks to some ads that sent me broke with two days left before the election. But hey, the GOP has the White House now. Walken/Vinick versus Santos/McGarry Amazing scenario, btw.
  2. I sent in my alternate history scenario from 1996 I made last summer with French Fisher.
  3. radhobbes@aol.com Time for President Glenallen Walken baby!
  4. Just played as a home-built 45-year old Mayor of Washington, D.C. (Gandolf Dornan) who was centrist on everything except was center-right on abortion, and right on terrorism with a VP from Massachusetts (Robert Bothwell) versus a 72-year old Utah state senator (Wesley Purkenje) who was far left on everything except terrorism (left) with a VP (Shawn Thorton) from Wyoming. 538-0 with 67 percent of the popular vote. Won DC by four percent and carried 92 percent of the vote in Utah.
  5. To respond to JoSpiv's earlier comments: The fact that you would ask someone to step away from their religion and dismiss what millions of Americans, including myself, consider the Word of God...well...we have freedom of religion in America, so that's that. I believe that all human beings are equal. Most Christians do. In fact, we're all equal in our sin, everyone sins at some point or another, and sin is (tah-dah!) immoral. Lying is immoral, murder is immoral, lust is immoral, and homosexuality is immoral. I lie. I lust. I'm immoral quite a bit actually. I am just as horrible a sinner as a gay man from San Francisco or Adolf Hitler, because all sins are just as terrible to the Lord. Fortunately, God sent His Son to earth to die for us, so that if we confess His Name and ask for forgiveness from our sins, we will be saved. Praise God for sending Jesus to die for us and spare us from an eternity away from Him! I don't think homosexuality is either natural or moral, I consider it a sin. It's not a sin that I struggle with (neither do I struggle with murder), but it is a sin that millions of Americans can be easily tempted by. We all have weak spots that Satan can strike, and for some people it's homosexuality. It may well be a genetic or chemical deal, but I know that chemical imbalances or genetic predespositions can be defeated....in our choir at church there was a reformed homosexual who turned to the Lord and became straight, for example. I think that homosexuals are people who are human beings who have to walk this earth, in fact, in that they are tempted with sin, they are most definitely human. Man wasn't made to sin...we were made to live for eternity with God, as Adam and Eve had in the Garden of Eden. Humanity fell into unnatural sin by using God's gift of free will to disobey the one command he gave us (without a command we would not have had free will). Thanks to Jesus' sacrifice for us on the cross, we can have that relationship restored and when we pass away we will live for eternity with the living God who loves us more than anything, even when we don't deserve it. On the same-sex parents deal: Jake's right, it's much more difficult for kids to understand the proper roles and how to deal with each sex unless they have a mother and a father. It's not a low estimation of kids, it's more of a case that people are very impressionable and learn how society functions in their childhood years, and most of that is through interaction with parents. Therefore, its better for kids to have a parent of each sex so they can understand how to have relationships with people of each gender. On the scenario: Played as Bob Russell and polled 30 percent of the vote and won the plurality of delegates. Awesome scenario....5/5!
  6. Okay, first off JoSpiv, saying that someone believes homosexuals perform unnatural relations is not "intolerance." Some people happen to believe that sexual relations were designed for men and women only. That's hardly a problem, I hope. Some people view same-sex couples as no more "natural" than man-dog or man-sheep coupling. (I hope it's not intolerant to oppose that?) To me, homosexuality is just a sin, and I follow the love the sinner, hate the sin rule. So long as we're not talking about resorting to physical violence or simply insulting homosexuals, that's not really a problem. Secondly, resorting to a "Well, it's just right" argument to magically be in supportive of your set of beliefs (not a knock against them, mind you, I can even see where you're coming from) is a bit weak. By then proceeding to say that anyone who disagrees with you is comparative to Lenin, Hitler, George Wallace, et cetra is just a rhetorical method of skirting the issue. While I can see how you might see the points are similar, Vegeta as poor as his grammar is, is not advocating segregating the gays (Wallace), killing the gays in extermination camps (Hitler, Lenin), rounding them up in vigilante forces and killing them (Klansmen), and so on and so on. He simply doesn't think homosexuality is natural...and there's actually some good arguments for that. (Biologically, one comes to mind. Same-sex couples can't produce children...sex is designed to produce children.) Also, I'd recommend that in future arguments you don't say "Well, the majority is sometimes wrong...[enter list of horrible things majority once agreed too]...so I'm right." The argument doesn't compute. The majority also supported FDR, the 20th Amendment to the Constitution, the progressive income tax, Jimmy Carter (in 1976), and so on...all examples which I believe that you particularly would find "good". The majority is sometimes right, it's sometimes wrong. Just some advice. Hope you take it in good spirits,
  7. Uh, any help here? I've finally bought P4E and have decided to tinker with this (ILV has sent me the scenario via e-mail file.)
  8. Synopsis: The United States of America has been hijacked by the forces of the comic pages, as the 2008 Presidential election becomes a battle between four new political entities. Candidates: Calvin/Hobbes (GROSS), Susie/Rosalyn (Girls' Liberation), Calvin's Dad/Calvin's Mom (Natural Law), Moe/Mrs. Wormwood (Authoritarian). Just a random thought, dunn if I'll follow through.
  9. Although I don't (yet) have President Forever, a simming friend of mine is designing a scenario I've come up with for the game. The point of divergence is not exactly grand or spectacular, in fact, it's pretty simple. In 1936, rather than winning everything but Maine and Vermont, FDR sweeps the country and carries home 535 electoral votes. In turmoil, the Republican party splinters between its moderate and archconservative wings, and President Roosevelt manages to get away with his Court packing scheme of 1937. In 1938, the "Bull Moose" Republicans form their own party, the Whigs, with a major base of operations in the Midwest; eventually displacing the Republicans (who dwindle away into a staunch nationalistic organization by the year of my scenario, 1996). World War II goes as in our timeline, more or less, with a few changes. In 1944, FDR sees no reason to dump Henry Wallace off the ticket, and this results in Wallace's succession to the Presidency in 1945, which obviously has some rather...bizarre effects on the country. (For example, Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr., who does not die in WWII becomes a Whig as a result of the socialistic policies of President Wallace. JPK will eventually become the first Whig elected to the White House in 1960.) Wallace establishes several massive changes, universal healthcare, strict size limits on corporations, and issues the Wallace Doctrine, a statement of firm isolation (WWII ends with a seizure of the Japanese homeland by force, and the nuclear bomb is never used, although the USSR detonates their own by 1950). He also integrates the military, and presses for civil rights (at this, the Whigs co-opt the Democratic position, which the Democrats will drop once Wallace leaves the White House for fear of losing the South. Today African-Americans routinely vote for the Whigs.) By 1996, Communism has expanded across Europe and Asia, and is threatening secular and Islamic reigmes in the Mideast and north Africa. America never fought any wars in Korea, Vietnam, or Nicaragua; and the unchecked rise of Red flags has lead to a divided electorate, uncertain as to where to move. The Whigs and Democrats, with a third-party Republican ticket are presenting their agendas to America in this election. Economic theories are being tested as well (the Democrats are pressing for an increased minimum wage (already at twelve dollars an hour) while the Whigs are presenting profit-sharing as an alternative). (There's also some things that were done for the sake of tilting the left/right scale: for example the Whigs generally detest governmental intervention, but will do so in certain cases of moral necessity, i.e. guns, abortion, the death penalty(!), and the environment) Whig Party Speaker of the House Glenallen Ryan (W-Ill.)/Senator William Jefferson Blythe, IV (W-Ark.) Mascot: bull moose Political Orientation: Right Regional Base: West Coast, Midwest, Rocky Mountains Favors abolition of abortion Favors privatization of healthcare Favors legalization of tobacco and alcohol Favors race-based affirmative action Favors the usage of tactical nuclear weapons Opposes the Wallace Doctrine of isolation Favors ten-year terms for Supreme Court justices Opposes the standard use of the death penalty Favors strict gun regulation Opposes federalization of state's rights Opposes strict size limits on corporations Favors profit-sharing as a means of establishing equality Opposes a minimum wage as a means of establishing equality Opposes same-sex marriage Favors state solutions to environmental hazards The modern day Whig Party is very much the heir to their namesakes, the anti-Jacksonian Whigs of the nineteenth century. Although generally associated with the new American conservative movement, most Whig positions grow out of a staunch opposition to Democratic policies. For example, nearly six decades after President Roosevelt successfully "packed" the Supreme Court, the Whigs still demand a constitutional amendment to limit justice terms to ten years. Similarly, they favor profit-sharing as a general way to get around the current minimum wage of $12 an hour instituted by the Democrats. Generally seen as a state's rights party, the Whigs have nevertheless come out in favor of Congressional regulation of "morality", such as abortion and guns. Despite the fact that President Henry Wallace is most remembered for beginning the civil-rights movement, the Whigs were the ones who finished it. Southern Democrats broke ranks with Wallace, and later Adlai Stevenson, and the Whigs co-opted the Democrats on the issue of race as a means to gain the votes of Southern blacks. Today, some of the most radical Whigs will sometimes recall the Democrats as the party of slavery and Jim Crow laws. On the subject of the Soviet Union and the spread of Communism across Europe and Asia, the Whigs stand for a type of mutual defense pact with the democratic and nationalistic states of the "free" Middle East, England and Africa. With all of Europe save Britain and Spain under red flags, the remaining bastions of liberty must unite. Democratic Party Senator Joshua Brookley (D-Tenn.)/Governor Bill Watterson (D-Ohio) Mascot: donkey Political Orientation: Left Regional Base: South, New England Favors legal abortion Opposes privatization of universal healthcare Favors continued prohibition Favors means-based affirmative action Favors immediate disarmament of nuclear weapons Favors the Wallace Doctrine and military withdrawal Opposes term limits for Supreme Court justices Favors nominal use of the death penalty Opposes any sort of gun control Favors federalization of state?s rights Favors strict size limits on corporations Opposes profit-sharing as a means of establishing equality Favors a minimum wage as a means of establishing equality Favors same-sex marriage Opposes state solutions to environmental hazards The Democratic Party is America?s longest lasting party having defeated the National Republicans, the old Whigs, the Republican Party, and now spars against the new Whigs. The Democrats of 1996 are an odd group of federalists, socialists, gun-rights activists (and in the South, racist organizations) and liberals. Generally speaking, the Democrats favor more power on the presidential and federal level, while the Whigs prefer to allocate power to the Congress and the states. The modern day Democrats hail the heroism of Franklin Roosevelt more than Henry Wallace (mostly in order to prevent massive defections amongst their Southern supporters), although the party's approach to economics was undoubtedly influenced by the latter. Unlike the Whig theories of a lassiez-faire economy, Democrats ascribe to Keynesian economics and press for tough regulation of corporations, including enforcement of legal size limits on businesses. Democrats have strongly opposed gun regulation, mostly for the benefit of securing the votes of lower and middle-class whites in the Deep South, holding the Democratic line of support in Alabama, Mississippi and South Carolina. In relations with the Soviet Union and the new Communist states, the Democrats stand behind their isolationist stance that the United States should not engage in foreign conflicts unless directly attacked, as in the case of World War II, the last war that America fought. Communism will only be a threat to America when and if the U.S. is attacked by the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. ------- Hobbes Nothing Like a Good Cause Just like to suggest that everyone visits www.xs4all.nl/~myranya/help4free.html where your click on any of listed sites helps pay for a donation sponsored by businesses with adbanners on the page towards certain causes (e.g. www.thehungersite.com helps fight hunger, www.thebirthsite.com helps impoverished pregnant mothers, www.thebiblesite.org gives Bibles to persecuted Christians). You can also find links to help “use your computer to help process some information. You download the client and a small packet of data, process it either while your computer is idle or run the program in the background, then send the results back to the server and retrieve a new data packet. And please visit my own website at http://www.geocities.com/cal4hobbes an essay on whether or not science has disproven faith.
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