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  1. As as I said... California and Michigan broke for me at the last minute, thanks to some ads that sent me broke with two days left before the election. But hey, the GOP has the White House now. Walken/Vinick versus Santos/McGarry Amazing scenario, btw.
  2. I sent in my alternate history scenario from 1996 I made last summer with French Fisher.
  3. radhobbes@aol.com Time for President Glenallen Walken baby!
  4. Just played as a home-built 45-year old Mayor of Washington, D.C. (Gandolf Dornan) who was centrist on everything except was center-right on abortion, and right on terrorism with a VP from Massachusetts (Robert Bothwell) versus a 72-year old Utah state senator (Wesley Purkenje) who was far left on everything except terrorism (left) with a VP (Shawn Thorton) from Wyoming. 538-0 with 67 percent of the popular vote. Won DC by four percent and carried 92 percent of the vote in Utah.
  5. To respond to JoSpiv's earlier comments: The fact that you would ask someone to step away from their religion and dismiss what millions of Americans, including myself, consider the Word of God...well...we have freedom of religion in America, so that's that. I believe that all human beings are equal. Most Christians do. In fact, we're all equal in our sin, everyone sins at some point or another, and sin is (tah-dah!) immoral. Lying is immoral, murder is immoral, lust is immoral, and homosexuality is immoral. I lie. I lust. I'm immoral quite a bit actually. I am just as horrible a sin
  6. Okay, first off JoSpiv, saying that someone believes homosexuals perform unnatural relations is not "intolerance." Some people happen to believe that sexual relations were designed for men and women only. That's hardly a problem, I hope. Some people view same-sex couples as no more "natural" than man-dog or man-sheep coupling. (I hope it's not intolerant to oppose that?) To me, homosexuality is just a sin, and I follow the love the sinner, hate the sin rule. So long as we're not talking about resorting to physical violence or simply insulting homosexuals, that's not really a problem. Se
  7. Uh, any help here? I've finally bought P4E and have decided to tinker with this (ILV has sent me the scenario via e-mail file.)
  8. Synopsis: The United States of America has been hijacked by the forces of the comic pages, as the 2008 Presidential election becomes a battle between four new political entities. Candidates: Calvin/Hobbes (GROSS), Susie/Rosalyn (Girls' Liberation), Calvin's Dad/Calvin's Mom (Natural Law), Moe/Mrs. Wormwood (Authoritarian). Just a random thought, dunn if I'll follow through.
  9. Although I don't (yet) have President Forever, a simming friend of mine is designing a scenario I've come up with for the game. The point of divergence is not exactly grand or spectacular, in fact, it's pretty simple. In 1936, rather than winning everything but Maine and Vermont, FDR sweeps the country and carries home 535 electoral votes. In turmoil, the Republican party splinters between its moderate and archconservative wings, and President Roosevelt manages to get away with his Court packing scheme of 1937. In 1938, the "Bull Moose" Republicans form their own party, the Whigs, with a m
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