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  1. Could you send me the California Gubernatorial 2010 please? debbie@the-peterson-group.com
  2. I probably will make major updates to that scenario before the election. But I'm thinking on perusing other ideas right now.
  3. I have finished my latest scenario: Sonia Sotomayor Confirmation Vote Instead campaigning in an election, Judge Sotomayor and "conservative opposition" travel across the Senate chambers trying to influence the Senators confirmation votes. However, you can only play during the general election, not primaries and there are no campaign ads. There are debates, which are the confirmation hearings. Issues: Capital Punishment Civil Rights Criminal Procedure Eminent Domain Establishment Clause Fairness Doctrine Flag Desecration Homeland Security Internet Regulation Judicial Activism Mc
  4. I have created a new scenario for the 2012 Presidential Election, a Republican version. "After the Democrats massive defeat in the 2010 elections, President Obama's popularity has been plunging for almost his entire tenure in office. Four years of bailouts and government interaction has made the recession only worse, that coupled with a series of foreign policy humiliations, the nation is in pearl. As Barack Obama makes a long-shot campaign to gain a second term, which Republican will emerge the victor in the primaries?" Candidates: Republican Mitt Romney Sarah Palin Mike Huckabee Tim
  5. Candidates for the 2010 Connecticut Gubernatorial Election: Name: Christopher JoHansson Age: 54 Party: Republican Office: Former Senator Bio: Christopher JoHansson served as the junior Senator from Connecticut from 1995-2007. Considered one of the most liberal Republicans in the Senate, JoHansson has left the Republican Party and become an Independent. Having disagreements with both parties, can he get elected Governor of Connecticut?
  6. To the folks at TheorySpark, I have the feeling why your not responding to my question. I think it's because Congress Forever is being worked on but it's only in the early planning stages and won't be released in a very long time. Or it won't be released at all. It was on the front page of this site for a long time that it would come out in 2007. It's now 2009. I think we deserve an explanation over where the game is at now. TheorySpark, you always respond to the questions on other forums. Where are you guys?
  7. Hello? TheorySpark? Anyone there? I know that this issue has been brought up before and you guys always say that it's "in production." Could you elaborate on that?
  8. To TheorySpark, is there any news on Congress Forever? If it is in production then can you give me an idea over what it will look like? And when do you expect it to come out. Within weeks or months? Thanks.
  9. I have fixed this error with Clark County and Washoe County. The new version's here. http://rapidshare.com/files/177600245/Neva...-_2010.zip.html
  10. You can look forward to everyone. My goal is to make every Senate race for 2010.
  11. I have finished my scenario for the 2010 Senate election in Nevada. You can download it here. http://rapidshare.com/files/177417458/Neva...l_2010.zip.html If the link does not work give me your email and I'll send it. thanks.
  12. My Christmas present for the regulars on this site. I have finished by Louisiana 2010 Senate race scenario. You can download it here. http://rapidshare.com/files/176564975/Loui...l_2010.zip.html If the link does not work give me your email and I'll send it. thanks.
  13. All those polls that show the race leaning Dem are with Mel Martinez. There's a big difference between Mel Martinez having a 30% approval rating and Jeb Bush having a 70 % approval rating. There have been no polls taken in a hypothetical race with Jeb Bush in 2008. The closet I could find was a 2006 poll over a Jeb Bush vs. Bill Nelson race. http://www.nationmaster.com/encyclopedia/F...-election,-2006 Bush is ahead of Nelson by 13 points. So I don't think my game is far off. Also, it's not so much about the strongest candidate, it's the most probable. I really have not heard of Bob Graham
  14. I have finished my Florida 2010 Senate scenario. You can download it here. http://rapidshare.com/files/175564540/Flor...-_2010.zip.html If the link does not work give me your email and I'll send it, thanks.
  15. Sorry Lincoln but I don't like it when we get into political debates on these forums. These should be meant for games. If you want to talk politics go to any of the never-ending blogs.
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