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  1. someone should do a 1972 RFK re-election what-if senario. I know I would play it.
  2. i would like a copy also. jospiv@yahoo.com
  3. could you send a copy to jospiv@yahoo.com? thanks
  4. JoSpiv


    Yeah, we should go back to the one that made during election night. the last time the forum here closed for a time.
  5. If it's a cheap attack, you can be sure they'll use it.
  6. Comedian and SNL alum Al Franken will run against Norm Coleman for the Minnesota Senate seat in 2008. Facinating.
  7. The last version was a lot of fun. I won as Richardson vs. Romney.
  8. Yeah I was disapointed they didn't do more with the GOP primary. I know the characters we knew were all with the Dems, but it woulda been interesting if they'd covered it more. also, send the senario to me also. jospiv@yahoo.com
  9. The Electoral College is a great example of what LiberalUK is talking about. The people don't actually vote for President, they vote for electors, and those electors vote for president. Today the electors almost always go with the people, and in some states they have to, but originally it was due to the fact that they didn't trust the people.
  10. Well I didn't think it was a very nice thing to say. Never Yes never says things like that, and simply posts articles he thinks are important. Doing so in now way makes it ok to attack him in the manner that people do on this site.
  11. I never said you did. Christian said it. While it's clear he was joking, it's not a very nice thing to say. Never Yes never attacks you guys like that.
  12. What the hell is wrong with you people? Never Yes has an opinion that the US is doing the wrong thing in Iraq, and posts articles just like you guys do. And for that you call him inhuman, and anti-American. It's pathetic the lengths you'll go to tear down someone that opposes you.
  13. Where does it say it's imaginary? That's a pretty famous quote about using fear to your advantage. You clearly missed the most important part of the quote which is what he highlighted. You calling him a terrorist supporter simply because he differs with you is a horrible attack. If you really think he wants the terrorists to win, or he wants any Americans to die you're nuts. And that's what you should appoligize about.
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