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  1. "Shadow President" from the 90's is the best I've played. A modern reboot of it would be the best route IMHO if 270soft ever makes a game like OP describes.
  2. This is just the beta version. I will add pictures and descriptions plus more candidates to it.
  3. <p>This is a small, unfinished scenario I made over the last campaign including the fine men who achieved the status of "presidential runner up" in the last few elections without holding the office itself. Included are the following candidates: Republican Governor Alf Landon of Kansas Businessman Wendell Willkie of New York Senator Barry Goldwater of Arizona Senator Bob Dole of Kansas Senator John McCain of Arizona Governor Mitt Romney of Massachusetts. Democrat Governor Alfred Smith of New York Senator Adlai Stevenson of Illinois Vice President Hubert Humphrey of Minnesot
  4. I think the 1994 Texas election would be interesting, being Bush's first political succses.
  5. I've decided to work on this again. I have half of the scenario done. I can play the Republican primary without trouble. I'll probably finish this by next Tuesday. Here's an image of what I have so far:
  6. If you still can't send it do you think you can put it on rapidshare?
  7. Are you creating a gold scenario? Because there already is 2000 scenario made by 80soft.
  8. dukakis88

    Wales 2007

  9. The territories are also having primaries, just so you know.
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