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  1. If you want to be able to take a screenshot, you can download Irfanview for free at http://www.irfanview.com/. It allows you to take a screenshot with just the highlighted window. It is what I use for my screenshots. Hope this helps!
  2. McCain/Hagel vs. Edwards/Biden I play John McCain starting in the primaries. I win the nomination fairly early in the nominating process and at the convention, I chose NE Sen. Chuck Hagel as my running mate. John Edwards won the Democratic nomination after a bloody nomination process and chose DE Sen. Joe Biden as his running mate. McCain/Hagel won 56.8% of the popular vote and a whopping 535 Electoral Votes. The Edwards/Biden ticket won only 36.9% of the primary vote and the 3 Electoral Votes of the District of Columbia - in a squeaker! Look at the squeaker in DC (usually an easy Dem
  3. Here is my best Perot. My campaigning and debating improved and I made sure not to use up my energy too early. If you allow your energy to whittle, it's hard to build enough stamina for the general election. Also, I made sure not to spend too much time in any one state. My mistake here was I waited too long to go on the air. The House of Representatives elected Bush for a second term.
  4. I'd love to play this scenario as well. Can you e-mail it to davidtheaspie@gmail.com ? Thanks
  5. Greatest. Victory. Ever. Check THIS out! I start out in the 2000 presidential election as Al Gore. I run in the primaries and trounce Bill Bradley and quickly and swiftly win enough delegates to win the nomination. However, I decided on a whim to offer my endorsement to the GOP presumptive nominee, George W. Bush, in return for another term as Vice President. With a 39% chance of success (I offered 18 PIP's), he agreed. The Democrats were stuck with the vanquished Bill Bradley as their nominee with Mark Warner as the Vice Presidential sacrificial lamb of a nominee. Remember, in 2000, Wa
  6. I have a few ideas for future updates to P4E+Primaries. 1) Allow a candidate to offer to endorse a candidate in return for VP or to offer another candidate the Vice Presidency if the two of them combined have enough delegates to secure the nomination. Currently, one can only offer the Vice Presidency if one has enough delegates already, which negates the tactical worthiness of the move. 2) When a candidate withdraws from the race, including when they endorse the candidate of an opposing party, it would be nice to have the option to continue as the endorsed candidate if one chooses to. I once
  7. Hi, i'm new here! I love President Forever and wanted to share a fun scenario I created... I played as George W. Bush in the 1988 presidential primary and then as Bruce Babbitt in the general election. Here's how it goes. I start out as George Bush in the GOP primaries. I begin the campaign with a huge lead but steadily lose ground to Pat Robertson. Eventually, Robertson gets the Big Mo' after winning big in the Western primaries. Robertson ends up winning the nomination by about 150 delegates with me as the final opponent. Before the convention, however, I offer the Democratic presumptive
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