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  1. I'll be happy to try it out francescoATbiagioprivitera.it
  2. I guess none of those was finished...
  3. Seems like a very good scenario...do you use Campaigns Forever?If you do, it should tell you what the mistake is. I'm sorry but I never had it...
  4. I am playing it now and havingg fun,thanks for the many regional scenarios!
  5. Undecideds are a bit on the high side for the Dem primary...anyway I am looking forward to play it!
  6. I sent the scenario to Theory Spark last Thursday...I guess they'll upload it soon so I won't email the scenario anymore.Obviously if they won't upload it I'll start sending it again...
  7. Yeah,I wanted to see if it worked fine for others first,though.
  8. The RAR works just fine with me...I can send it to an alternative address if you want.
  9. It's my first scenario and it's far from perfect,but it's basically done. It's based on the upcoming Italian elections,more specifically on the Senate.There should be proportional representation,but it can't be put in the GE in the game so FPP will have to do.The numbers are taken from the latest polls.Communists tend to overdo a bit but,after all,10% is what they would get in real life if it weren't for the particular situation we're living now.If you want it just give me your email and I'll send it out,feedback will be much appreciated! Here are a couple of screenshots by the way...
  10. Seems really interesting,could you send it at francescoATbiagioprivitera.it ? Thanks.
  11. Is Senate Control 2006 for President Forever?In case it is,please send it at francesco@biagioprivitera.it
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