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  1. I think I have a two-part fix on the web ads (and indeed on ads in general): (1) The cost is set at $1000/ad to run (and $1000/ad to produce a baseline ad). Simply bumping this up would reduce the appeal of this strategy, since spamming out $8-10k/turn for these ads (half to produce, half to run) is cheap for what it does. (2) Is there any way to vary the intensity of how much an ad is being run (i.e. to spend more or less on it)? This has always been a non-part of the game, I know, but I have to wonder all the same.
  2. Just a thought, but is there any way to sim PEBs? I remember that there was something like this in the German game.
  3. Mechanically, I see there as being a bug in the game in the form of web ads. As UKIP I was able to spam web ads (a winning strategy is to bang out 3-5/day early on, increasing once those ads allow you to tip a steady march of endorsers...leading to a steady positive momentum of 4-6 for most of the game), leading to an end-of-election result of: 433 UKIP (33.4%) 113 Labour (24.6%) 17 Conservative (21.6%) 10 LibDem (7.8%) 55 SNP (4.6%) 1 Green (4.1%) 2 PC (I believe; they weren't on the results sheet I got a screenshot for) 3 Independent (1.1%) Additionally, when playing I got a feeling
  4. Here's my thinking: (1) Irish politics would end up with three main cleavages: -Economic issues (pretty standard) -Social issues (also standard) -Devolution/independence (likely seeking some sort of change that would prevent the UK Parliament from being able to reverse devolution by act). Here, there's a continuum from pro-present situation (Unionists/UUP) to permanent devolutionist (Irish Party) to still agitating for independence (Sinn Fein). (2) In this vein, here are the parties I see: -Unionist/Conservative: Pro-present situation, socially conservative, economically moderate to conserva
  5. This does exist...in PM4E Australia.
  6. Just wanted to offer my profuse thanks again for letting me get the old game back.
  7. Just wanted to offer my profuse thanks again for letting me get the old game back.
  8. Taft


    Yeah, I got a crash on April 2, 1912 while playing as Underwood. Also, I'm not sure if this is a bug or not, but ad costs in the scenario are negligible at the moment. A nationwide newspaper advert only runs $300 or so per day...which seems like an error.
  9. This is a very odd request, but would it be possible to buy a copy of the original P2000 (or, more properly, one of the later versions that used realistic state profiles rather than randomly generating them...I still remember the GOP winning DC, for example)? I know the game was very much an unrefined version of the latest game and had far different mechanics, but I would like to play it again. I've probably got a copy on an old computer somewhere, but...that would be about four computers ago and I may well not still have that computer around.
  10. Taft

    Great Britain 1910

    I don't know what to do to fix it? As near as I can tell, nobody knows what file is causing it.
  11. Taft

    Great Britain 1910

    Alright. I'm getting the Liberal error, and I've reset the graphics folder as indicated. Uh...
  12. Taft

    Great Britain 1910

    wcdunn[at]widomaker[dot]com Edit: Well, I misread the year this thread was started. Go me. Anyhow...I would like the scenario if at all possible.
  13. Tony, Thanks for the reassurances; for some reason, I thought it was out of Beta (that's a mea culpa). That said, I'm especially glad to see 1 for Australia, and 2/3 are good overall. Thanks for the response, and I do look forward to seeing the product advance.
  14. I will admit that I did not particularly enjoy the C4E engine when it first came out, but I must say that I have found its implementation in the Australia 2010 game to be utterly unenjoyable. There are a couple of problems, from what I can tell: 1) It does not adapt to preferential voting. Period, end of story. This is a problem given the Australian electoral system. Ditto the Coalition. 2) Undecideds rise rather than falling throughout the campaign. This results in the Greens picking up around 20% of the vote much of the time (they seem to get about half the undecideds), even on a coup
  15. I think the ratings are meant, at least to some extent, to represent the party as well as the leader. While a "Mr. Clean" politician might be able to dodge the feeling of a sleazy party, there are enough issues with Labour (and the Tories, to be fair) getting wrapped up in the expenses mess and so forth that it's not even funny.
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