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  1. Yes! Until 2010, where this seat was on election (special election).
  2. I think than 1976 scenario have some "bugs"! Because each time than i play the Liberal win with a least of 85 seats (in one game he win 104 (PQ 2 and UN 4) look like 1973 election!)..And in the reality the Liberal win 26 seats and Robert Bourassa was the man the most hated in Quebec in 1976. And win more than 1 or 2 seat in Lac-St-Jean in 1976 for the Liberal is unrealistic!
  3. Could you please send me your '76, '81, and '98 scenarios, if you could? james_bond72@hotmail.com
  4. Vermont is a border state who where i live. james_bond72@hotmail.com
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