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  1. Greens should be a seperate party, they are running in 50/55 ridings and overlap with every PANB riding.
  2. I totally owned as Ross Perot in the 1992 scenario winning 511 electoral votes once. Took every state except Alabama, Mississippi and South Carolina (lost by less than 4% all 3 of them to Bush) and DC was still a Democratic landslide 56-35 for Cuomo vs Perot. Luckily got 4-5 of the Democrats (Clinton, Gore, Wilder, Rockefeller and Brown) and Buchanan from the Republicans to endorse me. And was able to get basically all the major newspaper/footsoldier endorsers. Won massively with only 42.3% of the votes too Bush had 30.8% and Cuomo had 26.9%.
  3. Kennedy 80.6% Reagan 19.4% Obviously a sweep of the electoral votes in 1980 too. Indiana was the closest 70.3-29.7, DC was 95-5 the biggest spread. Was trying to set up a Kennedy vs Bush matchup by attacking Reagan but Reagan just barely beat him, Meanwhile Kennedy won all but Florida in the Primaries and got Ford to be his Vice-President (Even though Ford was leading the Republican Primaries at the time in popular vote and about tied with Reagan), kind of snubbing Carter but oh well. Bush Endorsed Kennedy right before the conventions and gave him a 70-20 lead or so, which was expanded i
  4. all of them please pn107@hotmail.com
  5. The NDP owns the HRM (Halifax and surrounding areas), I believe they have 13/18 seats and are probably set to win 2 more at least in this area if recent polling is correct. (NDP 36% PC 30% LIB 30%) They also have some strong support in Sydney, a couple seats, and 5 or 6 rural seats scattered around the province. The Liberals were pretty weak last election but still hold a lot of support in Western Nova Scotia, a couple seats in Halifax and good support on Cape Breton. Theyre actually looking like theyll be a factor this election and will probably win a couple more rural seats and another one
  6. Kid-Canada

    Canada 1940

    Since theres so many minor parties in 1940, if youre only going to put in 4, then Unity and United Reform would obviously have to go with the CCF, since they are all left-wing parties and a bunch of the other ones too (Farmer Labour parties, UFO, and various Labour parties would all go CCF too). Or make a 5th party and call it Independent/Labour Progressive to include the various independent and very left-wing(moreso than the CCF) parties with their 3 seats. This was actually the last election where the Liberal Party of Canada got more than 50% of the votes too. Adding in Liberal Progressive
  7. And the north ads are so expensive because the population is written as 5 600 000 or something. Probably supposed to be 560 000.
  8. Greens actually only get 1 million dollars, as compared to 10 million for the NDP. And i guess the NDP starts out at like 18-20% whereas every other party is about 1% below what they got in the actual 2007 election when you take undecideds into account.
  9. So far Ive played 3 times as McGuinty, fairly easy to win a majority all 3 times but I cant get higher than 66. I think he got 71 in the election. Ill try Howard Hampton later. The 2003 results are actually a fair bit different than 2007 in a number of cases. The Liberal seats in Toronto are on the whole stronger, specifically Ajax Pickering, Willowdale and Don Valley West, plus a bunch of other ones. Some are weaker, but mostly it should be an easier ride for the Liberals in Toronto and some of their 905 and Central Ontario seats. I think Tory won 7 seats to my 15 in the GTA with the NDP get
  10. pn107@hotmail.com Id like to try, the BC scenarios are usually interesting.
  11. Looks pretty neat. Ill base my comments on the fact that it seems your scenario would lead to a fairly large 170 or so seat majority for the CPC, even though Im not at all a CPC supporter . If the CPC were at 45% or so like you said youre going to show them at, I still dont think they would win a whole lot of seats in 416 Toronto, although some 905 Toronto ridings that are Liberal now like in Missisauga and what not would definitely be in CPC hands, which probably gives them 65-70 seats in Ontario. The North would probably be almost all NDP, the 416 would be mostly Liberal with a couple NDP
  12. Kid-Canada

    Acadie 2009

    this might be pretty neat, send it to me if you have the chance pn107@hotmail.com
  13. Mel Hurtig wins his seat most of the time for the National Party, even when the Liberals won the other 25 in Alberta or at least that is my experience.
  14. I tried it with Dave Barrett and the NDP the other day and got 285/295 seats. That wouldve been cool if it really happened lol.
  15. Thats very true. Another thing is that I always get a bunch of error messages at the start, but the game plays out ok. Though thats probably because I mistakenly copied it into the original 1993 scenario and it overwrote the game
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