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  1. Do you think Gore will run in 2008? Also, if Obama doesn't run, he'd be a helluva endorser!
  2. Tonight was first time I've played since the .2 update. I went into it not liking the idea of expiring foot soldiers. I've got to admit though, I like the expiring idea MUCH better. It makes the game much more fluid. The period between the primaries and the general election is much better too, good job on smoothing it out. The other primary candidates get out earlier, and that feels more accurate. You've done a lot of great things from .2 to .5. Here are my suggestions: 1. In the general election, when browsing the states I've put into my strategy, contemplating ad buys, I really miss
  3. LOL. I hope they tweak the momentum in the "dead zone" between the primary being decided numerically and a week or two into the general election. The negative numbers are impossible to overcome.
  4. I'd really like to see Gore added to 2008.
  5. Okay here's one for ya - between the time the primaries end and before the democratic convention begins...does it seem as the momentum hit is alittle strong? I'm playing as Clinton, I got Biden and Kerry to endorse me so I've got the nomination wrapped...I'm running all over the country with visits and ads trying to put out the fire...I'm losing 3-5 foot soldiers per turn, and my momentum is down to -5.0. The ads help a little, but it's like a one man versus a forest fire thing.
  6. I got this error on August 18. 2008 when I try to go to the next week. List index out of bounds (-1) Also, I've gotten the error preventing me from leaking a scandal, in version .2. This is a fun game - the primary part is wonderful, the general election is growing on me...what I'm wondering is if all the weirdness of red-blue states at the beginning is because the player didn't lay the groundwork well enough during the primaries. On this one, I worked Edwards' butt off getting 5 foot soldiers in all the traditional blue states as well as the swingy states (VA, NC, AZ, MO, etc). The gener
  7. Just played for the 2nd time as Edwards, it was a 3 way race between Edwards, Kerry and Clinton, with the runoff between Edwards and Kerry. Everyone threw votes to Kerry, and I got a message that I'd be discluded from the rest of the game (something to that effect). I now have the error Access Violation at address 004DEF0E in module 'p4e.exe'. Read of address 00000DE0. I can't click out of it. Will have to do Control-Alt-Delete to close it. I haven't updated to the .1 update yet. Also, a general question...what strategy do I need to use to get other candidates to endorse me? I've neve
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