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  1. What starting date are you using?
  2. Brilliant stuff again! I'll give a more detailed critique once I've played through it a couple more times.
  3. No problem at all fella, I'm very grateful.
  4. I'm in the process of making a Texas 2006 scenario. However, my attempts at the map have been, frankly, worse than useless. I'd be most appreciative if someone could turn the attached map of Texas by congressional districts into one with the correct background that I can then use for the scenario. Thanks for any assistance you can offer.
  5. Not 2008, but a Texas 2006 gubernatorial would be fun. Kinky Friedman! And Massachusetts 1994- Kennedy Romney.
  6. Really looking forward to this, Californian state politics is fascinating.
  7. I think it would be far more true to life if television and radio adverts could be bought and run in various media markets, as opposed to simply state by state. Probably ties in with the multistate bonuses thread in this forum- making what happens in one state provide a boost in similar or local ones. Regarding polling, I'd love to have a more in-depth system- where we could see a demographic breakdown of the results, and commission polls on specific issues. It'd provide some reasoning behind sudden drops in support- you could see whether your message was going down particularly poorly with f
  8. Sounds like a plan you've got there. Your 1968 scenario makes me very optimistic!
  9. I'd drop Paul, Nader, Gore and Pelosi on age grounds, since we'll be eight years in the future. For the Republicans, I'd add Bobby Jindal of Lousiana, and Matt Blunt of Missouri, and Sarah Palin from Alaska. Democrats: Deval Patrick from Massachussets and perhaps Evan Bayh.
  10. The convention business is fairly hellish. No idea how you could realistically model a convention floor-fight. I mean, with the way it currently works, the closest you could get would be the game going into turns of 3 hours for the convention, and you'd need to throw PIPs and money at various states. Unless of course there was a whole new chunk added to the game. Yeah, I noticed that once I'd wrapped up the nomination by getting Connally to endorse me, the money stacked up before the convention. Anyway, I'm going to have a crack at the general with George Wallace next, see if I can create
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