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  1. Been thinking. You could start each player with a number of crusaders who are there at the beginning, don't need creating and campaign as crusaders do. The number could be influenced by party strength at the previous election as this seems to be part of the game now. You could then have some crusaders as at present (10 is still too long to create. For example, I think the Harry Potter actor Daniel Radcliffe did some stuff for the Liberal Democrats. People like him could be quicker to create, last for a day or two, but have much greater news impact. They could always be recreated and should be more targetable, i.e., almost like a party leader barnstorm.
  2. This though is the point I've made before. In the UK system these crusaders are members of the front bench of each party. The election is called and they are off all over the country All of them Immediately No choosing This waiting 10 turns really reduces the reality of the UK version of the game.
  3. All of you are overlooking the 'others'. There are seats in Scotland, Wales and the Six Counties which mean that 'others' will certainly be more than any of you are suggesting.
  4. kieron.toner@anglia.ac.uk Please and Thank you!
  5. Is this 1936 scenario widely available please, and where can I get it?
  6. and me please kieron.toner@anglia.ac.uk
  7. This one's about President Forever. I win the nomination, accept federal funding and then all my footsoldiers in states where I'm way ahead do nothing. This is because FS only campaign when the polls are close. When there is a gap they fundraise, except if I've taken federal funding they can't. Can it be fixed so they do something?
  8. Kieron


    Make the cost financial I'd say.
  9. Kieron


    With the Parliamentary style games it is not realistic to take several days to build a crusader. For example, when elections are called in the UK, Ireland, Australia etc members of the Cabinet and others are ready from day one and criss-crossing the country. Several crusaders available, from day one with no CP or PIP required. It would be good if the games could reflect that.
  10. I own most of the games released so far and one thing has always bugged me with each of them. This is that in the last few days of any campaign the candidates are still limited to a very small number of campaign stops. I've seen headlines in the last few hours from Australia saying that Abbott and Gillard are sprinting to the finish line and campaigning constantly, visiting many key marginals across a number of states. In this game you get 3 seats, one state. In 1988 Dukakis visited something like 15 states in the last 36 hours. In this game you get one state, one activity. Any way of making the last few days more realistic?
  11. I was really hoping that the Australian game would get a revamp similar to the Canadian one. Good though the current game is, I feel that only having four parties really limits things. Family first is important in 2007, and the Democrats, Independents and One Nation should really be there too. I did a scenario for 1996 called 'Keating's Last Stand?' but I never released it as it didn't work properly with just the four parties. Perhaps if the game were revamped, user made scenarios would appear?
  12. If it could be done in Campaigns it would be a good idea to give an option for STV, Double ballot and highest average. This would then allow campaigns in countries such as France, Ireland, Israel and the Netherlands. Pretty much everywhere in fact! That would be good....
  13. Kieron


    The primaries were not over but I used my last 8 PIPs to get Hillary to withdraw. I planned to offer Warner the Veep slot in return for 4 PIPs which I then planned to use to create 2 crusaders ready for the general election. He accepted the deal, but when I tried to create the crusaders it said I didn't have enough PIPs to do it. The deal with Warner should have given me enough though. Thanks, Kieron
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