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  1. would you be so kind and send me a copy too? florian@gj-bonn.de
  2. maybe the theoryspark team could explane this problem? that would be great. thanks f
  3. well i realized that, but that isnt what i happens. btw in most of the user-generated scenarios this problem doesnt happen
  4. i agree, it could be a feature concerning barnstorming, campaign speeches etc. but debating preparation and issue knowledge practising? you know, learning on the issues is something everyone of us could do by buing 10 newspapers or go to the library, i dont think that this should be in any way restricted as not the debate preparations. and on barnstorming, campaign speeches, etc: it would be ok that those could not be done sometime, but then please make it clear, before players have to plan the week for theyre candidates, so you can set priorities...
  5. why is it that candidates sometimes dont do the activities they are scheduled to do? does it have to do with limited cps? or is it an error since i didnt recognized this playing with older versions of the game? sometimes when a candidate is for instance scheduled to improve his issue familarity or do barnstorming or sth. nothing happens but resting, which brings him new energy points but is making the game far less fun
  6. on the third party strength issue: yes it is unrealistic, that even all of the running third parties can get high percentages... on the other hand you should consider examples like bloomberg, etc... of course he would campaign during the primary season at that would effect percentages... maybe instead of marginalizing the third parties there should be a higher effect from the "how well established" factor
  7. what happend during the convention???
  8. I would like to receive a copy too. Thank you, Florian florian@gj-bonn.de
  9. hi, the new game is great. thanks to 80soft for all the work you spend on it. one minor question: wasnt it planed to allow candidates that lost their parties nomination to run as independents?
  10. hi all, do you all have the same bug in the 2004 scenario? election is in 2004 but primaries in 2008...
  11. hi, there is the same problem tomas7 has with my version of pf+p; just for you to know that others have the same problem.
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