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  1. Thanks for the response. Any idea of the timeframe? Will it be done before the 2016 federal election?
  2. Is it possible to edit the candidates name in each electorate? Having Abbott and Rudd in each electorate destroys the realism of the game.
  3. I will not be pre-ordering this title until PM4E-Australia 2010, a title which I pre-ordered, is officially released. After the PM4E-Australia 2010 release debacle I may never pre-order again.
  4. No problem. Anything to speed up the development of the game.
  5. The Liberal Party and the National Party merged in Queensland to become the Liberal National Party (LNP). Traditionally the National Party had always performed better than the Liberal Party. The National Party was in power for 32 years (1957-1989) thanks to a gerrymander. The Liberals have had 2 Premiers in the 20th century. Since 1989 Queensland has been a ALP State. To be a more effective opposition and to improve their chances of winning office the two conservative parties merged. The National Party runs in all states except Queensland. The Country Liberal Party in the Northern Territo
  6. Any idea when the official (non-beta) version will be released?
  7. Thanks for the email re: beta to all those who pre-ordered. So, where is the beta? To make it fair for all fans of your products please release President Forever 2012 after the election. Somehow I can't imagine that happening. I really do appreciate a northern hemisphere based business releasing a game based on a southern hemisphere election but the late release of the game has left a bad taste in my mouth. However, I do appreciate the honesty in your communication and the absence of spin that other businesses might use.
  8. Hi, Just wondering if this title will be released before the election which will be held in 14 days. Half the fun of playing the game is lost post election.
  9. AUSTRALIAN FEDERAL ELECTION 2007 With the Liberal-National Party Coalition consistently behind in the polls over the last 12 months this will be a tough election to win. Holding a 16 seat majority the Coalition strategy will be to hold on to those seats and attempt to pick it up one or two seats in Western Australia. To avoid a Rudd-slide the Liberal Party must also hold firm in South East Queensland, North Shore, Victoria and South Australia. There will be no Coalition campaigning in the ACT and little in the Northern Territory and Tasmania. There is no point in using resources in St
  10. Playing as the Liberals is extremely tough. Because the Nationals do not contest every electorate the Liberals are up against Labor and the Greens. Labor seems to receive 70% of the Greens first preferences. Family First candidates would help to counter this imbalance.
  11. In many electorates. Some polls add up to 101, 102 and some add up 98 and 99. The end results are fine.
  12. I've noticed that in some electorates that the two party preferred vote when added up is greater than 100%. Has anyone else seen this?
  13. Anthony, Beautiful. Thanks for the response.
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