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  1. This is a general inquiry as I move forward with a scenario of my own. I'm making no specific reference to any projects other designers may have under development. Perhaps the Admin could weigh in on behalf of 270soft?
  2. Hello Board, This may be a silly question but is there any potential for legal action on the part of individual(s) whose name(s) have been used as those of candidates in a fictional futuristic scenario? I ask because the individuals in question may have different partisan affiliations in said scenario and/or be politically inactive private citizens in reality. As a prospective scenario designer I want to be on top of the parameters of the usage of people's names as candidates. I suppose this concern also extends to the use of their physical likeness. Thanks for any feedback.
  3. A Good Scenario. I can see that you put work into this. Although, I was a little dissapointed that I couldn't try and elect Steve Osborn (Libertarian) the only opposition to Indiana's Republican Richard Lugar. I was also surprised that there was no mention of the Foley Scandal at the beginning and the lasting tole it will likey take on the GOP.
  4. Yeah, should have been Premier, not Prime Minister. Still a great scenario though. Excellent map.
  5. Graem, I would imagine the answer would lie in the electorate_trends.p4e file. If I we're you, I'd tweak the initial settings for the party that seems to be favoured in the scenario (i.e. reduce its trend popularity in each region).
  6. A very interesting and fun scenario. A province completely up in the air! I enjoyed it.
  7. Yes. Here we have a coalition tie. I played as Trudeau and made a colaition with Broadbent. Of course, the game broke the 141/141 tie in the end by giving the win to itself. I would have thought in a situation like this the coalition which included the party with the largest popular vote share (Trudeau in this case) should have determined the victory. That 141/141 split was really a 56%/42% split. It's no wonder I'm an advocate of PR.
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