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  1. France please! That would be awesome.
  2. Kauai

    Quebec 1944

    kandafoote@aol.com Thanks!
  3. Kauai


    I noticed for the first time today, that NDP/DVU is modded into the games party files. I've been tinkering with them, but can't figure out how to get them on. I added them as a 1 in the on parties list, removed all the //'s from their name and added them to a few other crucial factors. Whenever I open the 2005 scenario in CF it now says it cant open their party file.
  4. If Bartlet is the candidate, he should get a 5-10 point bonus in every county. Other than that, its fairly good.
  5. All of them please! ^^ Kandafoote@aol.com
  6. I'd love to try it! Kandafotoe@aol.com Also a tip on your English, I notice that you don't pluralize words correctly. For instance, in your signature ' Thank ' should be ' Thanks ' and when you say ' If you have some candidate to add, don't be shy to said to me. ' It should be ' If you have some candidates to add, don't be shy to tell me. ' [ Also it should be tell me not said to me. ] Said is past tense and is usually used in speaking of what someone else said. Tell is to communicate something. Just friendly advice though. I don't know any other languages but English, so your certainly mu
  7. Doesn't work for me. And ya, Maine should have more MPs than any other province.
  8. Nova Scotia is overwhelmingly oriented towards the Liberals. They can be behind 15% from the Cons and be in third place, but still get the most MPs.
  9. Where is the beta download again? And is theoryspark working to still improve this. I'm assuming they are hoping to add it to 2012, since before they said they would probably release it separately for 2008 for purchase, no?
  10. Can you give me a screenie of what happens when you right click it?
  11. Ah, I had the same issue. Right click PF2008+P and click ' Run as Administrator '
  12. I don't believe so. But if you look at the 1968 scenario he has a ton of house rules.
  13. You could always set a home rule that you can only travel state to state?
  14. On PFE+P I usually have to make bad choices on hard mode to make it competetive. For instance, as Edwards I'll only focus on Iowa and South Carolina. Or as Hillary I'll concede Iowa and SC to Obama. Or I'll let my money stack up even though I could build lots of national ads.
  15. Well when you think about it, it sort of makes sense... Paul is Libertarian and Kucinich could definitely be a green party member.
  16. David Paterson is running for reelection, so I wouldn't add him. Gillibrand is my Congresswoman, so I'm so excited that she got picked. Let's just hope a Republican doesn't win this district now, however. Anyway, here are some Republican candidates: Rudy Giuliani Peter King John Faso
  17. [ I just have to say this, not trying to start a fight. Your signature makes me want to rip out my eyes and eat them. Especially the Palin-Jindal/Thune ticket. By god, I would elect Bush Emperor of the U.S. before either Palin or Jindal, the two most idiotic politicans on earth, get into office. Either that, or I'll be in Canada come 2012. ] Any way. First and forth most, make Pelosi more powerful than you usually do in your incumbent scenarios. She may have opposition, but arguably she should be leading in most states--unless she's turned into a Carter or something. Also, I think it might
  18. Go back a few pages, there is a link for DL...
  19. Dear god help that university now...
  20. I'm dictator of my home, I trump you all.
  21. Why do your issue centers make NYC a Center-Right city?
  22. As it isn't on the theoryspark site. Bumped, so new people can DL [ 2 pages back ] one of this games classics.
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