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  1. Every time you get enough money to do a full nation-wide add during the primaries, do it. Within two nation-wide ads you'll be the undisputed victor of the primaries, and by default when it gets to the GE most states will be falling your way. Don't spend any money till a few days before the GE and then blow all your money away.
  2. He said it was hard to beat RR though. When in reality that scenario is very easy.
  3. I played it as that Senator from Ohio and won every state without any of those tricks. Simple: Blast ads from the start of primaries
  4. Finland is the most well balanced.
  5. Posted this in the main thread as well, but not sure if you saw it. Could I get Kozekura resent to kandafoote@aol.com , please? I got a new laptop. Thank you!
  6. Could you resend this? I have a new computer. Thanks!
  7. Me, personally, I would most love to see a Japanese one. I find the P4E+P system to be boring. The C4E system is the most fun.
  8. I assume it would be fairly easy to convert the UK 2005 Scenario to the PR system? Could anyone tell me what I would need to do?
  9. The question is in the title. But really, why doesn't anyone every try to do some historical German elections? A 1961 Bundestag election would be interesting, or the first ever Bundestag election after Nazi rule in 1949.
  10. Ah, if you could send it to me at labellainvites@aol.com thanks!
  11. I find it hilarious that you always have to create these scenarios in response to mine, but whatever.
  12. I'll be reviving this and working on it along with my other scenario.
  13. I slightly reworked the candidates. I'll be doing issues next and then posting them here when I'm done for review, feel free to offer issues you think should be added. They should be done soon. Could anyone try and find me stats for the population estimates in 2016 for each state? It would be a big help! I'll do some digging as well.
  14. Okay, for the sake of getting this started, I'll make a choice on the scenario and candidate. I'll be doing the 1980 Scenario playing as John Anderson in the Republican Primary on Hard mode. The Liberal Republican John Anderson starts out the 1980 Republican Primaries in 5th place behind Front-Runners Ronald Reagan, a Conservative from California and George Bush the moderate from Texas. John Connally and Howard Baker are powerful in a few select Southern states. A national poll conducted on October 2nd, 1979 shows the Republican field as follows. Ronald Reagan - 21.4% George Bush - 12.2%
  15. The South would probably have almost 0 delegates for the free soilers though.
  16. Okay, so I thought this would be an interesting idea. I'm going to do an Interactive game, where you guys will be my campaign staff, will vote on strategies, etc etc. Of course this won't be done on a daily [ ingame ] basis as that would take forever. How does every ingame week sound? In the general election at least. The primary I'll do in one swoop after we decide a strategy, scenario and candidate. If you guys can check up on this thread actively [ it shouldn't take much participation, just voting aye or nay at the most ] we should be able to move this through quite quickly actually. I'll
  17. On very hard. Look how close the pop vote is! Going into election day I was behind in the polls, but had momentum. I managed to win all the big liberal states by mostly narrow margins. California was swinging back and forth until the very end. One of my best games ever!
  18. 2016 US Election President Obama is the incumbent after winning in 2012 against a Palin/Jindal ticket in a landslide. He has popularity ratings in the high 50's and low 60's. After Biden decided to opt out of serving another term in 2012, Obama placed Sect of State Hillary Clinton on the ticket. A lot has changed in the last few years; the U.S. is now a leader in climate change, leading the way to an even stronger treaty on the issue named the San Fransico Accord, which is heatedly opposed by the Republicans. All U.S. troops are now out of Iraq with no bases--and while a small force of Americ
  19. I love it. Great platform descriptions, a good choice of leaders, a very good scenario overall! Although a few places seem to be over/underepresented. Auckland has only two seats despite having over 1 million people. London should have a lot more seats at 7.5mil as well.
  20. kandafoote@aol.com Thanks!
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