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  1. If the SNP were to implode into Right and Left wing factions, the left wing faction would certainly not be Center-Left. The SNP was a committedly Socialist party until the last decade--and it still has some very strong Left-Wing, even revolutionary socialist, inclinations and movements within it.
  2. Could somebody send me this at labellainvites@aol.com? Thanks!
  3. I've been getting the same thing as well. I contacted TheorySpark and they gave me a new keycode. But then it still didn't work and I got the same message. If your using Vista, Right click on P4E2008 and select ' Run as Administrator ' and it should work. Worked for me.
  4. Kauai

    Britain using PR

    Someoone should do a scenario where Britain uses PR. Either as fallout from the expenses scandal demands political change, or if the LD's somehow managed to win....or forced the issue in return for their support. I should be easier than doing a scenario from scratch given the amount of material already available for use.
  5. http://www.electoralgeography.com/new/en/countries/g/germany/weimar-germany-legislative-election-1933.html That site has some info by region. Also, the SPD and the KPD shouldn't have super bad relations. There was a lot of talk about a possible SPD-KPD coalition to stop the Nazis.
  6. I believe that you have summed it up quite nicely. GOP Progressive and Abe, considering you are both Republicans I understand how you would love to paint us as far-left radicals. But the fact is the Republican party [ not saying you two personally, I don't know a lot about your two policies ] is the radical one in a global perspective. The American Political spectrum is strongly oriented towards the Right, most likely in my view due to our position during the Cold War and government fear mongering over the years. However, the average Democrat is far from being a social democrat. Although I
  7. By the American political spectrum, no. Within an international spectrum, which I believe should take prominence, yes--indeed he is.
  8. I disagree. The Democrats would not be right-wing even in Europe, but certainly Center-Right. It should be noted as well that the majority of Democrats are actually against the Death Penalty--public opinion is what keeps it in line. However you are wrong in making it seem like some radical opinion, the reason Europe abolished the death penalty was because of a number of European conventions which over time changed opinions and took precedence. [ I am personally against it. ] And even then in 2007 52% of French are anti-death penalty and 45% pro. Not exactly fringe? While 58% supported the exec
  9. By international standards the Republicans are Far-Right and the Democrats are Center-Right to Centrist, perhaps with a small faction tilting a little left.
  10. Kauai

    Austria 2008

    labellafauxcakes@aol.com Thanks!
  11. Now this is how things should have gone in real life.
  12. At this rate, NDP will get anywhere from 46-50% of the vote. And the PC's will be slammed to third place. Good going Nova Scotia! [ Not a personal slam against you or anything. Being an American I just get elated to see that outside of my own country the Left-Wing is flourishing. ]
  13. labellainvites@aol.com
  14. I would add French-American relations. There was a big debate during the time about whether to be closer to France or England.
  15. I voted Gimli 2009. Fictional scenarios are always fun.
  16. I remember a North American scenario in planning a while back. I even did the Democratic Primary for it.
  17. Good ideas, I'd definitely support them. I think IRV should be based on platform similarity rather than relations though.
  18. That the site you give us Theoryspark to discuss politics is like two years old. I can easily find one on my own, but they are all so massive. I was wondering if any of you guys have some quaint political sites you visit regularly?
  19. And I was right. Plays very well. I'll play a few more times and then I'll see if I can come up with any improvement suggestions.
  20. Woot! Go Finland! A well balanced elections.
  21. Kauai


    Please, please don't let this one die! It looks awesome.
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