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    That would be a difficult task for a fully funded science department, let alone Theoryspark.
  2. I would call him a Social Democrat more than anything, but certainly left-wing.
  3. Tommy Douglas. Or if you really want an American, Eugene V. Debs.
  4. Kauai

    Political Forums

    Too large for my tastes.
  5. labellainvites@aol.com Thanks! I'll be sure to give results of my test plays.
  6. Kauai

    Political Forums

    Meh. I need some new poli forums, anyone got any good communities?
  7. I think you mean Neil Kinnock? Cause Michael Foot was not even close to Center-Left.
  8. Lab is dieing because Tony Blair effectively turned it into a party on the center-right of British politics. The Lib Dems are effectively the only Left Alternative this time around.
  9. Ah! I forgot about that! Here is the seats with my predictions: 259 Con 261 Lab 101 Lib Dem Other 29 A green seat depends entirely on if Caroline Lucas can pull a win in Brighton Pavilion.
  10. To be fair, the Woman DID sound very bigoted.
  11. Tories - 33% Lib Dem - 30% Labour - 27% Other - 10% But Labour or the Tories will get the largest amount of seats.
  12. Two questions. Are you grouping Democratic Socialists & Social Democrats with the Socialists or Liberals? If Stalin or another Autocratic "Socialist" wins, do you have large regional drops for them in places like Europe / S. America?
  13. I understand that, but you do realize it killed like 90% of the activity here? Surely that can't be good for business?
  14. Indeed. They had anywhere from a 15-20 point lead then.
  15. I will cry my eyes out if Pierre Trudeau isn't included as a Liberal or Socialist. Trudeau was a Communist and studied Marxist ideology at college, even doing his thesis on it. He eventually became a Liberal, but was still pretty left-wing as far as the Liberal Party went. Come to speak of it, Tommy Douglas should be a Socialist candidate as well for North America, considering the U.S. doesn't have many good Socialists.
  16. Doesn't posting about politics and yet banning political discussion seem a bit contradictory? Either way, I like this one much better.
  17. This place generally died when the admins begun barring any political discussion.
  18. Just played it through, and it's fairly fun. Simple, but fun. Good job on your first scene. One problem I spotted however was the reoccurring event of the general in Afghanistan asking for more troops, which periodically gave the Republican candidate a huge boost, some times day after day. It didn't seem to move the numbers much, oddly, -- the numbers were fairly static in the G.E. as well, now that I think about it. Perhaps you should make them slightly more fluid?
  19. The dems would virtually be a Blue Dog party if this happened, since a lot of their progressive, labour, etc support would go to Nader.
  20. 1. Put footsoldiers in all early states. 2. Wait till you have enough money, and use national ads. 3. Profit?!?!?
  21. Really? I haven't played on anything but Hard since I got the game, otherwise it's a piece of cake. Actually even on hard it's to easy...
  22. Chikoff, do you have the latest version? Also, as anyone but HHH, don't even do anything with Caucus states. Throw all your money and time into the primary states, that will create massive momentum and cause you to win the caucuses.
  23. I must agree. Many old US presidents supported the slavery of millions, many European leaders supported proxy genocide and usurpation of Africans -- are we going to censure them? If you don't want to play the scenario, fine, but let's not run away from history just because it isn't pleaseant. On that note, Hitler and Mussolini however disgusting their most vile acts -- did have opinions and philosophies on other topics.
  24. Great scenario. Here was my result playing as the Unionists, and I even had 200,000 left when the campaign ended. Hmm. This is my second plathrough using all my money. Based on this the scenario seems a bit easy. I think it may have something to do with the number of undecideds. Fun overall scenario though! Good work.
  25. labellainvites@aol.com Thanks!
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