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  1. I'd like all of them except Cyberia 1997 please, thanks! labellainvites@aol.com
  2. Anyways, I was doing something when I thought of this, and decided to get on 80soft.com just to post. Shouldn't a house rule also be, that if you turn on Johnson, to turn off Kennedy as well? Kennedy refused to run against Johnson, until Johnson stepped down from the primaries. Bolded because most people don't read random posts, and I thought this was important.
  3. In my game, Perot ends the primaries with about 35 electoral votes, mainly in the North West.
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    Post it! Post it! Post it!
  7. Once again, probably not big for you experts, but this is the best result I've ever gotten as Wallace. Congress was dominated by Republicans, and elected Reagan however. Darn them! California was very close, I just didnt campaign in it enough at the end. Closest states... In no particular order California - Wallace /33.7% Reagan/34.6% McGovern/31.7% Nevada - Wallace /35.8% Reagan/36.3% McGovern/27.9% New York - Wallace /23.4% Reagan/38.3% McGovern/38.3% - Won by McGovern with about 2,000 more votes.
  8. Could you please send it to me? istillbelieve111@aol.com Thank you.
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    EU 2015

    Do you still need characters? If so, must they be realistic or can they be made up?
  10. Okay, starting off with some things I've noticed straight from the bat. [ I'll update this noticeably when I notice more. ] - When I go straight to the general election, bypassing the primaries, the Democrats only have 100,000$ which basically makes them useless. - I think more governors in the South should be inclined to endorse Wallace, the way it is now, he has to struggle to even get one. Updated
  11. I'll be blunt. I didn't get a word you just said. xD
  12. Given the new version, I'll request again. Istillbelieve111@aol.com And I'll definitely give you feedback once I play it. Thanks.
  13. Tried again and got an even larger majority; gave the Liberals a stronger leader to! JPJ; That's amazing! I'm got to try that some time.
  14. I'm wondering what every one's largest majorities are? Words are fine, screenshots are even better. I'm still new to the game, A.K.A I'm a newbie, so this might not see big to you guys, but this was by far my largest majority. I was so proud of myself. xD Plus it was an interesting outcome as well. PC! WHOOT!
  15. Is their any way for me to turn a party off in PMF-Canada? When I turn a party off in the ' default parties file ' I always get an index bounds error. And going through and deleting everything about them would take so long. Thanks.
  16. Another suggestion I would like to make, that I've never seen anyone even mention. A Russian Parliamentary one. The wikipedia article on the election has some good information for the upcoming 2007 election you could use, or you could do a 2003 one. In any case, I'd be willing to help in any way possible, as I'd really like to see this.
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