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  1. If you think a facebook poll or some poll from a random guy is more accurate than the polling agencies who have been doing this for 20-30 years (and have a decent track record) then I don't know what to tell you. Maybe I'll eat my words come Nov 6th, but I have a feeling that's going to be you.
  2. If you think a 10 percent lead nationally doesn't translate into victory I don't know what to tell you. Facebook poll =/= Scientific poll adjusted for demographics, Or did you not learn your lesson from 2012 when you all insisted the polls were wrong and...come election day...they were correct! Go figure. Gonna 'unskew' some polls again, are we? Also lol @ Fox News being liberal. Polling Aggregates are the most accurate though ; http://www.realclearpolitics.com/ 5.1 Hillary Lead http://elections.huffingtonpost.com/pollster/2016-general-election-trump-vs-
  3. http://www.foxnews.com/politics/interactive/2016/08/03/fox-news-poll-aug-3-2016/ Fox news has Adolf Trump down by 10.
  4. I left after political discussion got banned. Nice to see people can actually converse on this forum again.
  5. The most recent CNN/ORC poll literally showed Trump in fourth place with minority voters (behind the Greens and Libertarians) he's going to get killed out west where minority voters, especially Latino's, are important. I don't know how you guys think he'll do better there than Romney, who had the Mormon advantage, did. If you want to see my prediction, look at 2012. I don't see either candidate flipping any of those states, - that's the reality of 21st century polarization. Perhaps if Trump absolutely implodes he'll manage to lose Arizona and North Carolina, and maybe in a very big
  6. As someone who was with Bernie the entire time, - rigged is a pretty strong word. I don't believe there was any ballot stuffing or the like, which is what 'rigged' brings to mind. Did the DNC show favoritism? Certainly, - to be completely fair Bernie had only been a democrat for a year so it's not like they owed him any loyalty. But certainly it would be better to just let the votes decide.
  7. Yeah the game won't even start for me past selecting a candidate.
  8. Kauai

    Mac version?

    As someone who had all of your games before switching to Mac, I'd be the first to buy it. The new Mac App Store really is a terrific platform.
  9. I understand this, and wasn't saying they shouldn't be used, -- simply saying that all polling organizations should be taken into account independently. The RCP does indeed use an aggregate but that aggregate is made using their own formula, -- not just simply the average of all other polls. Hence the claims that they were biased for McCain during the election. And their conservative-leaning columns section and owners doesn't help. Like I said, Theoryspark should use their own judgment and take into account more than a single source.
  10. Not in the mood to argue about polling firms, -- I've done plenty of it before, but that's a P not a D. Also, RCP and Rasmussen both have Conservative links. An average of all major polls would be the best.
  11. I don't think you can compare the PVV to the UKIP, -- Wilders is also an Atheist, strongly supports Humanism and has used Islam's homophobia as one of his main arguments in support of branding it as something that is anti-dutch. UKIP is much more similar to the US Republican Party, which PVV certainly isn't anything like, Although the IE thing may have been a bit off...it was just the first thing that came to mind.
  12. First, good job! I've been waiting for a scenario that was outside of the usual countries, and this does it. Now, the first problem I noticed was that during the election period, North Brabant results come in like 12 hours earlier, so your left waiting for all the others to show up. I assume you meant for NB to be closer to the others. Second, there definitely needs to be a way to ramp up the Left, -- cause their severely underrepresented in this scenario, with the Socialist Party and GreenLeft parties usually getting no seats, despite having 25 in the House and 18 in the Senate in real life
  13. labellainvites@aol.com Thanks!
  14. Kauai


    While I will remain a fan of Theoryspark games...I'm done posting on the boards. This place should really be renamed Sesame Street if telling someone you think they have a double standard is considered "flaming". Then again, what does it really matter? The vaguest reference to the real world has been considered grounds for suspension for the past few years now. Anyone miss the old forums? Oh well...I guess there always was a reason that ninety percent of the accounts are dead now.
  15. Somebody needs to accept that the tea party isn't America. Don't bring your politics into the game, let's just look at the facts.
  16. Also, Sharron Angle's victory should put Reid in a stronger position for reelection.
  17. Third Way is neoliberalism at it's best.
  18. If only there was a Social Democrat/True Progressive. It seems as though everyone is either Far-Left or Third Way.
  19. labellainvites@aol.com Thank you!!!
  20. Kennedy should be Labour and Carter Democratic. Kennedy was pretty Hard Left for the United StateS, Carter was arguably a Populist Centrist. So then the US has at least one historical Labour leader. edit; Not that it really matters. Just nitpicking. XD
  21. OH GOD. Youtube goes something like this. "FUCK YOU, YOU STUPID LIBERAL LEFT COMMIE" "ALL YOU IGNORANT FUCKS SHOULD GO DIE OFF" "OBAMA IS THE ANTICHRIST. MARK MY WORDS. PALIN2012" Just...with much worse grammar, five times more more profanity and even more stupidity. But meh. I'm not big on "commenting" on sites any way, but thanks!
  22. I asked this two days ago in the CF forum.
  23. Just won 383 seats with Callaghan, the largest Labour majority since Attlee's landslide.
  24. Any chance anyone may try and convert the UK scenarios to Chancellor Forever anytime soon? I may try sometime but it would be my first en devour.
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