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  1. Is it odd that while I am a Democrat who campaigned in 2016 for Bernie, if I were in the UK, I'd probably vote for May? Without the disgusting social conservatism, Conservatives in the UK actually seem to provide fairly stable leadership, though it isn't very hard to do with the train wreck that is the Corbyn labour party. They support gay rights, support women's rights, support universal health care, but also believe in fiscal responsibility and a strong defense. Common sense solutions. Every time I hear May speak she seem's sensible...

  2. Absolutely Macron, Melenchon is a loony communist-lite who wants to ally France with Venezuela/Cuba and pull out of NATO while Le Pen is a neo-nazi in the image of vichy France and if you vote for her, yes, you should be ashamed. Fillion is just plain corrupt, - Hamon is way too much of an idealist with no actual pragmatism to any of his idea's, they all sound good but wouldn't actually work. 

  3. http://www.nbcnews.com/politics/2016-election/polls-clinton-ahead-florida-pennsylvania-n662076

    BREAKING! Latest A+ polls out today!

    NBC: Clinton +12/12 (PA), Clinton +3/+2 (FL)


    CBS: Clinton +8 (PA), Clinton +4 (OH), Clinton +4 (WI)

    #HillarySurge #Unstoppable #StrongerTogether #Hillary2016 #HighEnergy!

    @Dallas; Still waiting to hear about your "sources" that say Drumpf is growing his "lead".

  4. Just now, ThePotatoWalrus said:

    Sure, he lost a billion dollars in one year, but at least he didn't lose 6 billion dollars, 4 American lives, and thousands of emails as Secretary of State.


    The loss of lives was tragic. But to blame it on Hillary is ridiculous and the equivalent of blaming the loss of lives in any terrorist action on the political leaders in charge at the time.

    The emails were a mistake and Hillary's already admitted this. But she followed the exact same practices that Condoleeza Rice and Colin Powell did, to the admission of both. It's a tired issue, and not one with any traction any more.

    I understand your side is angry and lashing out at the collapse of your supreme leader but really, try to have some common sense.

  5. 20 minutes ago, ThePotatoWalrus said:

    Trump knows how to make his own money - Hillary just knows how to redistribute others.

    With a few small multi million dollar loans from his father and the ability to lose almost a billion dollars in a single year so he doesn't have to pay any income taxes for twenty years while simultaneously tweeting about how not enough people pay income tax.

    Phew. There's certainly one candidate, or should I say couple, in this election whom have truly gone from lower-middle class roots to building an empire. But it isn't Drumpf.

  6. 23 minutes ago, Dallas said:

    Hi, Deplorable Dallas here. Nice to meet you. Proud to say Trump's lead has increased, and not all Republicans are spineless. http://m.townhall.com/tipsheet/justinholcomb/2016/10/08/michelle-bachmann-trump-audio-leaks-coordinated-to-manipulate-the-media-n2229639

    Ignoring your other comment, I'm genuinely curious to see these polls that say Donald Trump's non-existent lead has increased? Your link says nothing about it.





    All of these were pre-pussygate, btw. Can't wait to see Drumpf collapse further!

  7. 2 minutes ago, Reagan04 said:

    Scottie Nell Hughes says it all, Trumps comments are deplorable but pale in comparison to Hillarys past of rape silencing and crimes against women. @Kauai

    Aren't you late for your 9/11 truth and anti-illuminati meeting? Conspiracy theories vs. actual, cold, hard facts and video.  


    Harth and her longtime boyfriend were in meetings with Trump to forge a business partnership. “He was relentless,” Harth recalled in an interview, describing how on Dec. 12, 1992, he took the couple to dinner and a club — and then situated himself beside Harth and ran his hands up her skirt, to her crotch. “I didn’t know how to handle it. I would go away from him and say I have to go to the restroom. It was the escape route.”

    We’ve all heard of Trump’s unethical or loutish behavior, most recently in a 2005 recording unearthed by The Washington Post on Friday in which he boasts of kissing and groping women. The story that Harth and the boyfriend, George Houraney, tell of their interactions with Trump over six years — including business cheating and attempted rape — shows how that predation worked in practice. “He name-dropped continuously,” Harth said under oath in a deposition in a subsequent lawsuit, “when he wasn’t groping me.”


  8. Sorry ~ I honestly don't mean to spam, but news is just moving so quickly.

    Breaking; Number 3. in US Senate and first member of the Republican leadership to call for Drumpf to drop out; John Thune!



    Governor of Nevada, Sandoval has withdrawn endorsement and won't vote for Drumpf! 

    Senator Capito of WV, Senator Fischer of NE and Governor Bentley of AL (a hardcore Trumper) have also withdrawn endorsements and called on him to drop out.



    EDIT; Senator Gardner (R-CO) is OUT!

    BREAKING; A few months late, but John McCain is OUT!!


  9. 3 minutes ago, CalebsParadox said:

    Clinton's leaked speeches are bad as well, don't get me wrong. 



    No. No they aren't. The content of those speeches made me like her even more. Every single position is well thought out and totally defensible. Hillary Clinton is an intelligent lady with nuanced positions, who woulda thought? Most of wikileaks' spin is taking things out of context or really just jumping to conclusions that they want. A reading of the transcript shows a fairly normal speech. There is no equivalency between this and Trump's audio. 

    There is a part about Clinton being more favorable to "single payer" which actually helps her among the Democratic base

    The part which could hurt is her admitting she is "out of touch" but she can spin that by saying "During this run for President, I had to learn how to be in touch again with the American people" and turn it into a positive...

    The public and private position on policy part is a nothingburger because everyone knows you can't always get what you want

    Clinton's comments about Wall Street are basically blaming Wall Street for not being responsible. I'm not sure anything is wrong with that. In fact, she's the one who can make them and actually get them to change their act as POTUS. Nothing wrong with talking about TR's Square Deal and contrasting that with Trump's free-for-all carnivore capitalism

    The people who know the financial industry the best ARE the people who work in the industry. Again, she can simply say "they were irresponsible, I told them that numerous times, and as President, with the help of Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders and the Democrats, I can make them responsible again."

    She's trying to sell single-payer to the finance industry. She wants the Americas to eventually have the same kind of free movement as the EU. She says she agrees with the old "sausage-making" metaphor for policymaking. She's dreams of clean energy. What's so bad about this?

  10. Hillary kicked his ass, Trump looked like a clown that was just saying a bunch of stuff without any basis in reality. The overwhelming consensus I've read online (Reddit, 538, Other political forums) is that a lot of third party supporters or non voters are going for Hillary after seeing what a train-wreck a Trump presidency would be now. Could he even get more than a few coherent sentences out without talking about how "huge" and "great" everything he's going to do would be? And the difference between the frantic Trump spouting platitudes and generics against cool, confident Hillary with actual policy proposals was marvelous.

    The Trump sniffles and shakiness was just icing on the cake. Hillary health problems? Ha!

  11. I've gone from being a Communist / Democratic Socialist to a fan of Reagan to a progressive liberal in my very young life. :lol: I'm the first to admit my views are still forming and changing all the time, and I'm always willing to at least consider and hear out an opposing opinion.

  12. So much hyperbole. As we've seen time and time again, Trump will open his big mouth and people who may actually have fun with pretending to be neutral or vote third party will sober up on election day and vote against the demagogue. I think there's enough misguided angry people to make it a close race, but Hillary will pull it off hands down.



    See you all on Nov 8th, prepare your baskets!

  13. 3 minutes ago, TheMiddlePolitical said:

    You're another misinformed person on this forum. Ugh. I will be saving your's for election day!

    Right. It isn't possible I have a different opinion than you or simply believe in different solutions, - I'm 'misinformed' and if I was 'informed' I'd do a '180 on all my political beliefs and want to MAGA with Trump! Lol. 


    In any case, sounds like fun. See you this time, November 8th, 2016? : )

  14. On 8/8/2016 at 8:04 PM, TheMiddlePolitical said:

    Im going to say this,the polls are skewed so badly,everywhere. We have never seen an election like this one. This reminds me of something I was reading day of Reagan vs Carter it was predicted to be "very close leaning Carter". And you know why the media attacks Trump so much,they're afraid. I'm just posting this and do not want to start an argument,this is also coming from a AA who is center-left. Trump will win in a landslide. Nobody will believe it,cause all they do is listen to the media.

    -Johnstown PA Clinton rally,brings two busses worth of crowd. Actual workers refuse to attend.

    -Trump pulls 10k of crowds

    -The DNC tried to make itself look "unified" by bringing in paid sitters.

    -Its good Trump is a narcicist,because he will want to be known as the best president ever no matter what,and that obviously benifits us,the american people.

    -After litterally traveling the country this summer,I could easily predict a landslide for Trump.

    -I can't believe anyone who is voting for Hillary,I'll leave that there.


    p.s no arguing.

    That's a bit like hitting someone over the head and then saying 'no fighting'. But in any case, not going to argue. Simply saving this to requote on election day, - I love seeing Trump supporters doing gymnastics, just like Romney supporters in 2012 with their 'unskewed polls'.


    Hope you're all ready for Madame President boiii's!

  15. 2 hours ago, jvikings1 said:

    The swing states have stayed close.  So, Clinton could be jacking up her numbers in states where she will win anyway which will raise her national numbers while having little impact on the overall election.

    Latest swing state polls out today;


    Pennsylvanya - Clinton ahead by 11


    Florida - Clinton ahead by 6


  16. Latest polls today,

    http://elections.huffingtonpost.com/pollster/polls/mcclatchy-marist-25067 'A' Rating from 538 has Clinton up by 15 points!

    http://elections.huffingtonpost.com/pollster/polls/nbc-wsj-25068 Has her up by 9 Points

    2 other polls from smaller organizations where she leads between 4-6 points. http://elections.huffingtonpost.com/pollster/polls/ipsos-reuters-25063 http://elections.huffingtonpost.com/pollster/polls/upi-cvoter-25066

    Madame President is on the way! :D Dodged a bullet there America.

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