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  1. I left after political discussion got banned. Nice to see people can actually converse on this forum again.
  2. The most recent CNN/ORC poll literally showed Trump in fourth place with minority voters (behind the Greens and Libertarians) he's going to get killed out west where minority voters, especially Latino's, are important. I don't know how you guys think he'll do better there than Romney, who had the Mormon advantage, did. If you want to see my prediction, look at 2012. I don't see either candidate flipping any of those states, - that's the reality of 21st century polarization. Perhaps if Trump absolutely implodes he'll manage to lose Arizona and North Carolina, and maybe in a very big
  3. I remember a North American scenario in planning a while back. I even did the Democratic Primary for it.
  4. Good ideas, I'd definitely support them. I think IRV should be based on platform similarity rather than relations though.
  5. On very hard. Look how close the pop vote is! Going into election day I was behind in the polls, but had momentum. I managed to win all the big liberal states by mostly narrow margins. California was swinging back and forth until the very end. One of my best games ever!
  6. Yeh. We're like the underground rebels of theoryspark. It would be best to take stuff like that somewhere else, but I don't have many political forums. D:
  7. I was making a post ranting about Prop eight.
  8. Or better yet, if you could just press a certain key, hold it down and then click a state.
  9. Kauai

    England 1640

    I'm pretty sure they were using the pound sterling, not sure if the symbol has changed, though.
  10. I want a random ' Knockout ' event. Wether it was " There you go again " or " You had an option, Sir " knockouts like these have literally made or broke campaigns, may I also say that the people that said those two things in debates, Ronald Reagan and Brian Mulroney respectivey, were behind in the polls and literally had the biggest election wins in the history of their countries. I think it should be very rare, but an event would come up saying " -Candidate here- scores a Debate Knockout! " and you should get a 15-20 momentum boost.
  11. Kauai

    England 1640

    Is this fictional or not? If so, you could always bend the rules and add more contested seats, better a more or less fictional scene than an unplayable one. Also... New World Colonialism Enfranchisement
  12. Hmm. I always thought it would be an instant bonous, - rather then a barnstorming bonous. Perhaps that is what I was doing wrong, - I'll test it out and see what happens. Also, I agree. Not to mention the fact that they start out with 75Mil, whereas in real life they can spend over 400mil over the course of a campaign. And raise 30-40mil a month. Of courses, costs would also have to be upped.
  13. One thing that's always gotten to me, is that you can raise the same amount of money in Wymoning as you can in New York. Also, Eletric Monk, I set it to 35, - and still nothing. Or at least, very little that I don't notice. [ After trying numerous lower levels. ]
  14. There is a VP home state bonous [ which almost never works for me ] but no canidate home state bonous.
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