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    Wales 2007

    I have got my Wales 2007 election working, kind of, it still has a few flaws, I can't seem to get the only Independent her seat, and the vote distribution in some ridings or not matching the ridings file, anyone who wants to test it, and give me feed back, I will e-mail you it.
  2. My be worth mentioning that Ieuan Wyn Jones is the first Plaid leader to have taken Plaid into government (in a Welsh Labour-led coalition) otherwise good scenario. Apart from some of the positioning which seems well off.
  3. How did you manage that on a Propotional System? I am trying to make a Welsh Assembly one, but am currently stuck on an error.
  4. Can you please send it to me aswell? geraintrennie@googlemail.com
  5. I am having a problem with making a scenario for Chancellor Forever, however I know that these are the wrong forums for them, but the forums for C4E/PM4E are not active and I have tried them already but didn't have any luck with them. So I am wonering if anyone here would be kind enough to please help me witht he two problems I am having making a scenario for C4E. The two problems I am having are the following, firstly, in the cannidate editor, the 3 of the "home regions" have the wrong name, they have the name of the main capital city, or the first city in the city list. However when I l
  6. Why aswould Bush be a cannidate for Labour, when Labour is a centre-left social democratic party that describes itself as "Democratic Socialist" in it's Parties consitution, and Bush is a right wing neo-con?
  7. I would like to see more offical scenarios for Prime Minister Forever UK, such as First Minister Forever (Wales and Scotland versions) famous elections of yesteryear (1992, 1979, 1945) and maybe London Assembly elections?
  8. I agree with this suggestiong, it is something I find to be slightly annoying also the times of when the results for each "region" comes in has EST behind it, does this stand for estimated or Eastern Standard Time, if it is the latter should not be changed to GMT ?
  9. As the usual with Scenarios from this Person, they are better once you do some serious editting to the fails yourself (I have got simular issues with this Scenario as 'authoritarian' so I corrected them, the positions of the regions and the parties themselves) After that, the scenario is more playable, either by swamping around some of the issue positions, changing the wording or changing the issue all together.
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