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  1. I also had a problem with scenarios and Windows 7, but it was with scenario creation and Campaigns Forever. But it might be similar to your situation. It was all about file editing permission. In Windows 7, you can't change anything without permission, and when I saved my scenarios on Campaigns Forever, for some reason it didn't ask for permission to alter the file. I changed the permission settings on the scenario folder, so that every user could change it. Then I opened Campaigns Forever, saved my scenario with a different name and that solved it.
  2. Oh, I agree, playability comes first. That's why I was planning on putting at least Bobby Kennedy and Reagan as candidates off by default in an alternate reality deal. Look forward to see you alternative US scenarios!
  3. That's exactly what I'm doing, Patine! I'm almost done with the issues and I've already removed the 1968 candidates that didn't run in 1972. I'll soon start to include the new candidates and fix dates, issue standings etc. I'm guessing the most difficult part for me will be the percentages, I always get mixed up with them when I try to do scenarios. (And I must say, I would have been a lot more advanced on this scenario if it wasn't Carnaval week here in Brazil. Not because I'm going on parades and such, but because the work load at my job is heavier these days since half the staff is off
  4. Looking forward to seeing it, specially since I was just starting a 1972 scenario myself. One question, though: why not a historical scenario?
  5. Ok, let's do this thing. What are the issues? I have a few suggestions: Law & Order Vietnam Soviet Union China Israel Inflation Taxes Government Size Civil Rights Poverty Education Health Care ERA
  6. Yes, I sugested as a alternate history piece, due to the fact that he would be THE federalist candidate.
  7. I think is a good start for a scenario I've been expecting. Fix the percentages and the spelling and we have a solid one. Just two suggestions: 1 - A closer map 2 - More candidates: George Clinton in the Democratic-Republican side and Alexander Hamilton as a Federalist, but off by default
  8. Scenario worked for me. I'm going to play a couple more times, but so far it's great! Good job!
  9. Someone was creating a 2016 scenario a while back, maybe it's a good place to start. http://80soft.ipbhost.com/index.php?showtopic=10266&hl=2016&st=120
  10. I don't know if you adressed this or not, but the interview shows are set as The Oprah Winfrey Show, Chris Matthews' Hardball, The Daily Show, The O'Reilly Factor, The Letterman Show, The Jay Leno Show. A minor and silly problem.
  11. I got "invalid floating point operation" in the first turn...
  12. Tried rapidshare, didn't work... Can you send it to dtrielli@gmail.com, please?
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