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  1. Is it possible in Candidate Forever to toggle between an election based on an electoral college or a simple popular vote tally???
  2. I'm confused. Why would you alter the primary dates just because they want to have a debate in April 2007?
  3. Has 80soft given up on releasing a Congress Forever game by the November elections?
  4. Hey I don't know if it has been mentioned on here before, but a great option would be to toggle between electoral vote and a simple vote tally to decide the winner. This would be really helpful in scenarios for election other than president, such as senate or governor, in which the map ought to be divided into regions to make the campaign interesting, but the end result is based on individual rather than electoral votes.
  5. or the spectrum for songs could be how well they sing them, left being too over the top and right being too mellow
  6. Well, I'm settling into my senior year and a rigorous social life as near completely replaced my rigorous academic life. Anyway, I will have some time to get back to this game, so here are some ideas. 1868 Andrew Johnson's Reconstruction program succeeds and the Southern states are back into the union and voting in the election. Johnson is still charged as an incompetent by critics but his modest success in bringing peace has gotten him renominated. He faces US Grant who actually campaigned with him to pass Reconstruction bills. (you could really go farther with this concept, considering other elections running against johnson's legacy and the eventual split between north and south again) 1880 Tilden Re-election campaign. I'm sure you're all aware of the 1876 contest, What if it went the other way? 1884 Garfield lives 1892 What if Cleveland won in 1888 (he really did get the pop vote)? 1900 WJ Bryan re-election 1912 TR doesnt run 1920 Hughes Re-election (1916 was exceptionally close) 1924 Harding Re-election 1952 Truman assassinated in 1950 (there was an attempt) 1968 Kennedy successor 1976 Nixon realizes there's no reason to spy on mcgovern, who he clobbers. successor race 1984 Carter won in 1980, cringe 1992 Dukakis re-election 1996 Dukakis successor 1996 Bush successor 2000 Clinton runs again and must run for reelection in 2000? 2004 Gore Re-election
  7. I concur, havent played in at least a month
  8. well, for one you must have @ in where there should be a number
  9. Man I beat the shit out of Carter as Reagan
  10. But didnt Humpfrey take the nomination in the convention and not the primaries, so maybe the same happened and the voice that was snubbed in 68 is now back
  11. Well I thought each states delegation gets one vote and, should the Democrats regain the House, they would likely not control a majority of states.
  12. Ive said on here before that I lost or won Virginia (I forget) by 3 votes
  13. I played the 2004 one from March once and it was fine, although the states become so solidified that its no fun
  14. Regionalism: On Spies: On Fog of War: On Economy: On Dynamism: Off I try to get my momentum up at different points and only then will i make foot soldiers. I never make spies. Always research. I like to couple late scandals with a late ad to really shift the game. in hard campaigns(1980, 1964, etc) i concentrate on the big states
  15. I usually play as a Senator, but I'll make this me... Name: Richard Fortunato Gender: Male Age: 17 Home State: New Jersey Party: Democrat Picture: Platform: Abortion: Center Affirmative action: Center Balanced budget: Center Business tax: Center Campaign finance reform: Center Ecology: Center-Left Education: Center Free trade: Center Gun control: Center-Left Same-sex marriage: Center Immigration: Center Military funding: Center Military intervention: Center Personal tax: Center Public health care: Center-Left Renewable energy: Center-Left Social security: Center Terrorism: Center Stats: Leadership: 4 Integrity: 4 Experiance: 1, I guess Issue familiarity: 4 Charisma: 3 Stamina: 3 Debating: 4 Candidate blurb: This young politician/student from New Jersey is now shaking up the nation with his exciting and illegal campaign.
  16. Yeah, Uncle Dick had to change his residency to Wyoming before 2000 because he was living in Texas. Oh yeah, i hate him too
  17. I almost do think personality should be an issue because that was huge
  18. I actually got a book on presidential elections for Christmas so ill see if i cant find anything were missing
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