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  1. They're posted on the 270soft scenario section under the category for Prime Minister Forever - Canada 2008. You have to go through the older posts. However, I have not been able to find the 1993 scenario. Edit: Habsfan's 1988 Scenario is on there too.
  2. The 2011 election scenario for the 2008 engine. Do you have any updates on the progress of it? I really enjoyed your 2008 scenario!!!
  3. How is this scenario coming along?
  4. Medium Difficulty. I was just lucky with Clegg! Medium. Bringing you the Orange Wave 3 years early!
  5. The same is true with Jean Chr├ętien and Paul Martin for the Liberals.
  6. I also enjoy the Wonk map in preference to the older map because of the ability to micromanage smaller regional groups of ridings, especially in the complex political/cultural areas of Quebec.
  7. Great game, I'm enjoying it immensely! My comment is regarding the corruption issue and profile being opposite of what they should be for Abbott and Gillard.
  8. Can someone send me this scenario please? jgerrard@cogeco.ca Thanks!!!!
  9. I apologize for asking again, but my last hard drive failed, so I lost all my files. May you resend it to me please? edit: also if you could send me the United Kingdom scenarios you have/ European Union, I'd be extremely appreciative!!
  10. My best attempt with the Liberal Democrats on medium difficulty. Technically I won...well, at least I got more seats than the Conservatives...
  11. can someone please send me this scenario? jgerrard@cogeco.ca
  12. May I have Netherlands 2010? Thanks! jgerrard@cogeco.ca
  13. If anyone has either scenario, I'd very much like a copy too. jgerrard@cogeco.ca
  14. So far, this is the best I can do as the Republicans in the 2008 scenario on medium.
  15. I'm having the same problem in the 2008 scenario, in which I can't win over 198 seats as the Republicans. What are people's strategies for defeating the Democrats? I'm not sure if I should localize or nationalize ads/scandals and insights. Is it better to spread out funding during the campaign or save a large amount to use a couple weeks before the election?
  16. I haven't received them yet, but thanks for sending them (when you do), I appreciate it! I usually check the forums a lot, but I rarely post!
  17. May I have 1992, 1982/3, 2005, and 1979 scenarios please, at jgerrard@cogeco.ca. Thanks!!!!
  18. zacherygerard@hotmail.com
  19. I need this sent to my other email...my other account is down for some reason. zacherygerard@hotmail.com
  20. I really enjoy this scenario! It's amazing!!! I think you should disable coalitions for this one though!
  21. I'd love these two scenarios too! jgerrard@cogeco.ca
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