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    I'd love a copy! cuchulain.hound@gmail.com
  2. Very, very nice map. Unfortunately, I don't have too much else to say. Not to be harsh, but I don't like the default endorsers that are kicking around. Just less interesting than when actual work is put into them like in Habs Fan's lot of scenarios.
  3. Here was another fun scenario by HabsFan. I ran as Charest and targette dQuebec. I expected to be able to win ion rural Quebec and make inroads into Montreal. I did not, however, expect the domination that took place. Won 53 of 54 rural ridings, the only loss coming at the hands of Jean Chretien. I didn't take a snapshot of the country colored map before I closed it, but you can guess what was green, red and Blue. Reform Green: BC, including Vancouver, Alberta and Saskatchewan. Liberal Red: Manitoba (closely contested bythe Reform and NDP), territories, all of Ontario. Conservative B
  4. I played Habsfans' 1998 scenario. Alot of fun. All three parties cane asily win. I've played big wins with both Mulroney and Turner, but with Broadbent, I usually nmanage minority governments or strong opposition. Not this time! I dominated the Praries, apart from Alberta. Ontario swung my way as well, apart from South-Eastern Ontario, which I edged out over Mulroney and Turner in a tight three way race. The difference in getting the majority was that I broke through in Quebec big time. Mulroney edged me out in N Quebec, but I handily beat him in Southern and Western Quebec. I was narrow
  5. Great try. I agree with Josh though, NDP numbers especially low in BC, Saskatchewan and Ontario.
  6. And anyone notice that Nunavut was voting marijuana?
  7. I haven't played many custom scenarios yet, but this one, by far, rocked my world the most. Only drawback was that it was made by a Habs Fan...
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