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  1. Congress Forever- played as the NRSC, 2012. Keyed early on beating Kaine in Virginia and Warren in Massachusetts by dumping money and ground game there, to the point where Allen and Brown built insurmountable leads by 10/1. Heller faced a tough challenge in Nevada, but recovered. Akin unable to break through in Missouri, but Mourdock held Indiana, Thompson picked up Wisconsin, and McMahon pulled off the upset in Connecticut. Attempts to financially prop up Connie Mack in Fla. and Josh Mandel in OH failed. Going into the West, I needed one gain to pickup the majority. Instead, I got hit w
  2. Can you send me a copy of this scenario? BettisAK@gmail.com Thanks!
  3. Obama wins decisively, 329-209. Popular vote 52-47% McCain carries Ohio, Indiana, and North Carolina for swings. Obama gets Florida, Missouri, Nevada, Colorado, Virginia, and wins big in Pennsylvania.
  4. The strongest pick Obama could have made, I believe. They will be very tough to beat.
  5. Fantastic work, all around. Thanks for your hard work.
  6. For the GOP, I'd add Mark Sanford (R-Former Gov. of SC, Former US Rep). Not as young as some of the others, but would only be in his 60s.
  7. MRomney08

    New Scenario

    Just wanted to give some very early feedback.. Living on the east coast, Californian politics are not an area of specialty for me, so it'll take a while to grasp, but the detail of this scenario is absolutely outstanding, from the opportunity to get mayoral and state house endorsements to the two zoom-in side maps that make the busier areas of the state map much easier to understand. I really commend you on the work you put into this project, it's a cool change of pace from the national map, and very well put together. Can't wait for Pennsylvania! In my first campaign, running as Condi Ric
  8. What an absolute rout for Senator Obama in my home state of SC...with 99% in, he leads Clinton 55% to 27%. I really think this will prove to be a giant bounce for February 5th.
  9. My first correct pick, it seems...networks calling Michigan for Romney, looks like a bigger win over McCain than projected, at this point. Paul ahead of Giuliani...interesting.
  10. Wyoming goes to Romney. New Hampshire picks: Romney (gotta stick with him, but this is a must-win) McCain Paul (shock of the primaries thusfar) Huckabee Giuliani F. Thompson (drops out) Obama Clinton Edwards Richardson Kucinich South Carolina picks: McCain (with Thompson endorsement) Huckabee Romney Giuliani Paul Obama Edwards Clinton (losing steam...) Nevada goes to McCain, Michigan to Romney. Can't make the calls for "Tsunami Tuesday" yet.
  11. Iowa Predictions: Democrats: Obama Clinton Edwards Biden Richardson GOP: Romney Huckabee F. Thompson Paul McCain Giuliani
  12. I'd like to try this one out, too. Thanks. BettisAK@aol.com
  13. I'd like to try this one as well. BettisAK@aol.com Thanks!
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