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  1. i'd be super appreciative if i could also get a copy! despotika@gmail.com
  2. just a note to say that you can definitely win as the coalition. i just played my first game as the coalition after several with labor. i managed to trounce the alp, they performed even worse under rudd than under latham in this scenario.. the libs got 87 seats and the nats 12, so a combined coaltion vote of 99/150. that left the alp battered and bruised with just 51. a performance i certainly hope isn't repeated in the actual poll!! i'm also suprised by the lack of 'union influnce' as an issue. it's practically one of the most significant issues of the campaign with a lot liberal advertisi
  3. woo! noticed that the aus election game is up. i can't wait to play! will give some feedback after a few games. hopefully as an aussie i can provide some insightful feed back. just a quick edit. the australian labor party has a revamp its logo since the past election and needs to be updated.
  4. any news about the australian election game? we're 1 week into the 6 week campaign and have just had the leaders' debate. for all the non-aussies who might be interested .. after months of poll dominance the ALP has slipped significantly immediately following the calling of the election, but still maintain a handsome lead in the two-party preferred vote of about 55-45 over the liberal-national coalition. on those figures the ALP would win in a landslide but historically the 2PP margin narrows over the course of the campaign so we're probably in for a tight one.. go australian democrats in t
  5. awesome news! cant wait to play howard vs. rudd!
  6. hi! was just wondering if there is going to be a new australian election game for 07? ut's an election year here and conventional wisdom says it'll be called within the next two months! love to play with some of the expanded features that have been added to other versions since 04. cheers. mika!
  7. i'd love these scenarios! dont know if it's too late to ask for them.. email is despotika@gmail.com
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