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    BARACK OBAMA ALL THE WAY!<br /><br />I can't believe I once supported Mitt. Jeez.
  1. Looks pretty damn cool, thus I have registered and am hoping to download the game very shortly. BTW: How many MB is it do download?
  2. I'm working on my own version of such a scenario. I'll post a link once I've completed it Matty, have you considered creating a scenario for 2004?
  3. mikeydukickass88@yahoo.com.au Looks very good
  4. LOL Kevin Rudd as a liberal. He's far from being a liberal. Hell, Malcolm Turnbull the new leader of the Liberal Party is more liberal than him!
  5. I just downloaded it and played it, and I have discovered numerous flaws, or so I think with your 1976 Presidential Scenario. The political positions of some of the candidates, especially those 'Rockefeller Republicans' inclusive in the 1976 Republican Primaries. Elliot Richardson, Harold Stassen, even Gerald Ford. Richardson, Stassen and Ford were quite moderate, though Richardson and Stassen more so. If Richardson and especially Stassen found out they were precieved as right-wingers in this scenario, they would go nuts. Also, I believe if President McGovern is in much turmoil as you say he
  6. One of my favourite books of all time, not to mention Hunter S. Thompson is one of my favourite authors of all time. If you need any help with the scenario, just either IM me on RockyRepublican or send me an email at mikeydukickass88@yahoo.com.au (likewise for the scenario, when your completed). What issues will you have in the scenario? Will you use ones from the 1968 scenario, considering that might be easier or...?
  7. Any news on the progress of this scenario? It should be a good scenario, like the rest of yours. I sure hope, that this Michigan 2010 scenario dosen't have a stupid List Index Error. Do they annoy me.
  8. For the Republican candidates in 2004, you might want to add George Allen, Bill Frist to challenge the then maverack John McCain for their Parties nomination in 2004.
  9. Glad to have you on board About Downer, I was just throwing out some names, I do think that Nelson, Turnbull, Abbott and Bishop should run though.
  10. Hey Guys. I was just thinking about an idea for a scenario for President Forever + Primaries. It involves an Australian Republic, where the Presidential system is similar to the one in the United States. Primaries for all the Political Parties (Liberals, ALP, Nationals, Greens), the whole lot and consequently the General Election. I'll use the same default issues as in the original 80soft scenario, though I shall elaborate on them further. And add in more positions as well, not just the traditional 5 positions. As for the candidates you ask, here's a list that I created off the top of my
  11. My Copy keeps on coming up with a LIST INDEX OUT OF BOUNDS (-1) error. Apart from that, it's a good scenario.
  12. Is this a new version or what? If it is, could you please send it too mikeydukickass88@yahoo.com.au Thanks
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