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  1. Yes, we could know more about then, specially their views. Could happen ocasionally that the VP contradicts the candidate's position, and therefore the candidate loses some momentum. Or at least they could make more atributes that could get +1, and the running-mate could even make some decrease. For example: Cheney would add Issue Familiarity and Experience to Bush, but reduce Integrity and Stamina.
  2. Did not worked for me (a message appeared about floating points).
  3. What if Clinton was impeached and Gore had took over? There would be issues such as "Clinton's legacy", "the Levinski scandal" or "private life of politicians". If no one had ever found out about Watergate and all of Nixon's crimes? Would he be so popular after a 49 states landslide victory that he would change the Constitution to a 3rd term? Would Carter even win the Democratic nomination? Or if Goldwater somehow wins 1964 (they discover that Johnson was involved in JFK's murder or something like that)?
  4. That governor of California, Tillman, could be a candidate too. Oh, i just had an idea (looking to the picture of Triplehorn): why not create a scenario with the politicians of 24: Palmer, Keeler, Logan, Heller, the VP from season 2, etc. We don't know so much about their ideas, but it would be fun. And, sure, Jack Bauer could run and kick the asses of everyone
  5. Or what if Hitler had died in WWI? Would ever exist a Nazi party, or at least a strong one? Or would come up a more intelligent leader and there would be a Nazi Germany to this day? And the anti-semitism would be almost unanimously considered a bad thing as it is now? ( i don't question if there would be a WWII or not, because it would, no chance of other thing after Versailles) I love this imagination exercises as well.
  6. Probably someone gave that idea, but how about if the initial % of the candidates changed according to.. who is the candidate. Today, on the electorate trends, is always the party's. And it's obvious than Giuliani won't begin losing by 20% in New York, regardless of how blue the state is.
  7. I meant blamed because everybody would say it's their fault, that the Democratic administration was incapable to realize a huge terrorist conspiracy that ended up killing thousands of human beings, or was unable to stop it. "If Gore had been President, I think we would have seen an end to the idea that Democrats are weak on defnense, a smarter war in Afghanistan that, no war in Iraq, and a sustained multilateral battle against international terrorism" I personally believe that it is a little too optimistic. The "we don't need UN for invasions" sort of isolationism of Bush begun with Clinton
  8. What if Gore had won the presidency in 2000, and 9/11 still happened? Then, of course, the Democrats would be the sole blamed for that in the eyes of the world, and would be pretty much impossible to win reelection.
  9. "solid back lines" It means black, right? Well, anyway i already have another, OK, thanks for the help. I will do that.
  10. Wasn't Santos against gun control (although he supported ammunition control)? And he wasn't the "no restrictions for abortions" kind of guy (i'm not saying that in a depreciative way; i'm this kind of guy), even saying that life begins on conception, etc. Also, just for the fun, you could add Sam as candidate .
  11. I don't think he's a radical, but anyway i meant that his government was moderate.
  12. Something that could happen in this scenario is that, after Vinick's defeath, moderates and libertarians of the GOP lost almost all their power and many left the party and joined either the Democratic or the Libertarian (who would be stronger). Santos is a very popular POTUS, but very moderate too, and so some Democrats who were waiting for another Bartlet were disappointed, perhaps some joining the Green party. About the candidates: Tripplehorn or another leftist could be the Green nominee, some moderate Republican (no one comes to my mind) could be the Libertarian candidate. Sullivan has t
  13. I'm sure it would make for someone smart, but for me, Of course, i could just use the real life scenario, with no electoral college, and make it just one huge region (and perhaps i can do both), but i think that with the college is much more fun. One thing specially interesting in Brazil is that the minimum number of deputies or representatives by state (the country does not use the districtal system, even though i think it should) is 8 and the maximum is 70 (only one state reached that mark), so the small states have a completely disproportional power. Anyway, the map would be this one:
  14. I don't know if it will sound very dumb (and i don't mind really ), but how exactly we determine the coordinates of the states, districts, etc, on the map? Sure you can get the default in U.S. elections, but like i'm working on a foreign one (2006 Brazilian Presidential Elections), it's not the case. Any help would be appreciated.
  15. Really? ONLY for the rich? I'm surprised that he won more than 10% of the votes, then.
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