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  1. Excellent point about Booker also, I hadn't thought about him, but I will defer to your local expertise. I noticed that for the Governors I skipped a few states, OR, PA, and RI. To clear them up, my predictions are John Kitzhaber (D-OR), Tom Corbett (R-PA), Lincoln Chafee (I-RI). I also realized that Gabby Giffords can't be a Senator from AZ, so please replace her with the inumbent, Senator McCain. I also decided to put Kay Hagan back in the Senate from NC to keep the partisan balance unchanged. I tend to be a bit of an election junkie, so if you have any other questions about future el
  2. Franken won with like 42% of the vote right? He's very intelligent, but I still don't like his chances for re-election. If McCollum or Rybak had ran and won instead, I would expect them to win again. Interesting, I'm not sure how that happened. Well I think Lincoln Chafee is going to be the Independent Governor of Rhode Island and Democrats Bob Menendez and Frank Pallone.
  3. Alabama - Richard Shelby R, Jeff Sessions R Alaska - Lisa Murkowski R, Mark Begich D Arizona - Jon Kyl R, Gabrielle Giffords D Arkansas - Gilbert Baker R, Mark Pryor D California - Barbara Boxer D, John Garamendi D Colorado - Mark Udall D, Jane Norton R Connecticut - Chris Murphy D, Chris Dodd D Delaware - Chris Coons D, Beau Biden D Florida - Charlie Crist R, Connie Mack R Georgia - Johnny Isakson R, Saxby Chambliss R Hawaii - Mazie Hirono D, Colleen Hanabusa D Idaho - Mike Crapo R, Jim Risch R Illinois - Dick Durbin D, Alexi Giannoulias D Indiana - Evan Bayh D, Mitch Daniels R
  4. With more information available, I've redone my list feel free to use the following suggestions: AL - Bradley Byrne, R AK - Sean Parnell, R AZ - Terry Goddard, D AR - Dustin McDaniel, D CA - Gavin Newsom, D CO - John Suthers, R CT - Richard Blumenthal, D DE - Jack Markell, D FL - Bill McCollum, R GA - Roy Barnes, D HI - Neil Abercrombie, D ID - Lawrence Wasden, R IL - Pat Quinn, D IN - Todd Rokita, R IA - Mike Mauro, D KS - Sam Brownback, R KY - Richie Farmer, R LA - Bobby Jindal, R ME - Libby Mitchell, D MD - Anthony Brown, D MA - Bill Galvin, D MI - Mike Cox, R MN - R.
  5. I can't even win this on easy with no primary competition, no independent, and all the republicans turned on. It was a brutal primary too, the four top contenders - Romney, Huckabee, Palin, Pawlenty all had negative momentum from basically the beginning and I ended up against a Gingrich who I hit with four medium/high scandals still didn't even get 100 EV's. It's rediculous.
  6. This is a fantastic idea bluedevilsbaseball17@yahoo.com Thanks
  7. My thoughts are that the Democrats will lose the Senate with Durbin in control and he will step down. I see Schumer wanting a promotion and he would make a strong partisan whip. Patty Murray has been slowly climbing the leadership ladder too. As soon as Democrats put up a decent challenger against him McCotter is going to lose. Two crappy candidates held him to 55% and 51%. I don't see Pence running for Senate, he is already #3 for House Republicans. I could see Braley potentially running for Senate, but I see Grassley going for re-election in 2010 and Harkin again in 2014, giving him no
  8. I would give the House to the Democrats and the Senate to the Repbulicans because Americans have a history of splitting up power, and I think the House is too far out of reach and the Democrats will control it for a fairly long time. Speaker: Chris Van Hollen (MD) House Majority Leader: John Larson (CT) House Majority Whip: Bruce Braley (IA) House Minority Leader: Eric Cantor (VA) House Minority Whip: Mike Pence (IN) President Pro Tem: Thad Cochran (MS) Senate Majority Leader: Lamar Alexander (TN) Senate Majority Whip: John Thune (SD) Senate Minority Leader: Patty Murray (WA) Senate
  9. Here is my own personal list: Alabama - Jim Folsom Jr. (D), Mike Hubbard ® Alaska - Johnny Ellis (D), Sean Parnell ® Arizona - Terry Goddard (D), Jan Brewer ® California - John Garamendi (D), Steve Poizner ® Colorado - Ken Salazar (D), Mike Coffman ® Connecticut - Richard Blumenthal (D), Michael Fedele ® Delaware - Jack Markell (D), Alan Levin ® Florida - Alex Sink (D), Marco Rubio ® Georgia - Michael Thurmond (D), Casey Cagle ® Hawaii - Colleen Hanabusa (D), Duke Aiona Jr. ® Idaho - Clint Stennett (D), Lawrence Wasden ® Illinois - Lisa Madigan (D), Dan Rutherford ® Indiana - Denn
  10. Eric Cantor (R-VA) will probably stay in the House considering his leadership position Erik Paulsen (R-MN) looks like a rising star in the GOP if he can lock his seat up Mike Coffman (R-CO) strong candidate for Governor in the future Coffman could be your strong Western Republican, some other possibilities: potential future Senators Dave Reichert (R-WA) Mike Leavitt (R-UT) Dennis Rehberg (R-MT) sitting Senator John Ensign (R-NV) potential future Governors Colin Simpson (R-WY) Steve Poizner (R-CA) I would say Ensign, Coffman or Leavitt would be your best choice. Coffman could gai
  11. As far as background, Maryland, DC, Kentucky, Missouri, Delaware, and Kansas would all probably have seceeded to if it meant maintaining slavery. Your focus is too much on the NE. Move out to the west some. Add some people like Feingold, Thune, Schweitzer, Boxer, Hoeven, Pawlenty, Coleman, Kitzhaber, Huntsman, Pence, Ensign, etc. I'm not saying all of them, but the West Coast especially California would be a pretty powerful electoral prize. Also what state does Warner come from.
  12. Could you email me the updated version? Thanks. bluedevilsbaseball17@yahoo.com
  13. both times that I played Warner won every state but Illinois in the primaries
  14. The primary for Kansas GOP is set in 2011, 200+ days before the game states
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