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  1. I had to replace my harddrive, so my version of 1968 is lost...can anyone send a copy to jpj1421@gmail.com.
  2. I live in the United States, so....Liberal Democrat....borderline Socialist.
  3. The way I found mine was to go into My Computer -> C Drive -> Program Files -> President Forever With Primaries -> tsas.txt file The text file should have your keycode in it.
  4. I was playing both with the default settings on.
  5. Playing the 2000 scenario resulted in a division by zero error.
  6. I couldn't seem to make the 2004 scenario work with Independents turned on.
  7. This is a screenshot of the day Steve Forbes edged out Bush for the Republican nomination. After reading How to Rig an Election, I decided to add the author, who worked for Forbes campaign, and his wife as Crusaders. I spent all my $50 million, won all the states leading up to Super Tuesday except New Hampshire and Arizona. I picked up shop and bet everything on California. The lesser three candidates endorsed me before Super Tuesday, just putting me over 50% in California. Before Illinois rolled around, Dole and McCain both endorsed me. Then it was just a matter of maintaining a majorit
  8. *sigh* It's not that hard I had to turn the alienation up real high so that a Democrat has any chance of victory in 2004.
  9. Hillary doesn't have any Crusaders...shouldn't she have the same ones?
  10. I went into the character editor and changed the Gore numbers to be committed: 20, Leaning: 40, Uncommitted: 60. But the 04' scenario seems to always be skewed towards the incumbent.
  11. I myself tried to deflect it by putting myself down in a politically humorous fashion. I also happened to feel that my modified 2008 scenario blow-out warranted clarification.
  12. Hmm...the copy which I downloaded on the 80 soft page has a slight problem...the Republicans never have a convention, so all of them go on the ballot in the election.
  13. The flip-flopping on whether or not the religous right is a blight on his party and country. But anyway, I'm a partisan ass who voted for Clinton, so Obama and McCain are going to walk around with 2's.
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