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    I'm a bit cruel sometimes, Christian, like I am with you. Sometimes, and I know I should not do this, but sometimes....I admit....I enjoy picking on those who are of a less intelligence than me. I should be and I am ashamed of myself for it
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    I'd imagine that 80soft didn't want their product associated with joke that is these forums. Seriously, have you ever LOOKED at them? Christian? Mantis? Boer-ax? Then you have little more than partisan hacks playing one up on each other. I'm shocked they took this long to close them down.
  3. Thanks, though it's listed as Canada/BC. That may need to be changed.
  4. The polls show zero seats for most parties even though they are solid in many of them. The Lib Dems usally poll around 5% with no seats and end up winning far far more in both percentage and in seats.
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