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  1. They are trying to frame our issues around the topic they want us to discussed, I call it the "Patroit Act" of this forum.
  2. Hey! We all Agree on something, who said cooperation was dead?
  3. Law does not mean anything if this country runs out of oil, and I bet you the law will go before the oil will
  4. You right, but Mccain could bring some of Rudie's secerts out of new york which would be a deadly weapon if he used it.
  5. Have you been watching the political shows lately, The secert is slipping out, The reason you don't hear about it is because everybody is interested in Hilary. If you think I am making this up? If so do the research and I bet you will be suprised by your findings. She may be the favorite on TV like Howard Dean was in early 2003 but Edwards is mingling with voter on a daily base in NH and IA. And All it takes if for Edwards to win these two primaries and do you know which primary is next? NC and with his two previous wins in IA and NH he would be a formidable contender early in the primary.
  6. Don't count Edward out Yet he is currently ranked number one in both the NH and IA Primary againt Hilary and obama, and he is not even a sitting office holder like the others.
  7. I think it would be funny if the republican party nominated Mit Romey former governer of Mass which is the same state that Sen. Kerry represent. How would the republican party handle such a nomination? especailly after all of the state bashing they did in 2004 when Kerry was the Democratic nominee.
  8. But I bet Mcain will bet the pants off of Rudie in the primary.
  9. Why don't we just tell the truth, the U.S. in never going to completely leave Iraq, It is not in the stratigic interest of the U.S. to leave. First we need bases in the middle east to support Isreal in the region, and second we need to secure the last great sources of fossil fuels on the planet. Let us not forget we consume almost 50% of the worlds energy supply. Which means we have a vested interest in the what happens in the region that hold us by the balls when it comes to energy. Even if we stabilized Iraq and installed a pro-western democracy, we would still have to stay in the country to
  10. The secert that know one is talking about is former Senator John Edwards, he is getting no political coverage but is out their everyday interacting with the voter in the early primary states. If he can stay out of the media long enough for the first primary, it a chance he will be the new front runner for president. Which would be ironic in the fact that Bill Clinton one the nomination in 1992 the same way.
  11. Listan I do not like the idea of Hilary become President, not because I don't like her but because she will prove that this country nolonger a country of elected office. But one where the 2 Families the Clintons and the Bushes control Executive Branch of government for 28 years or an entire generation. This sound to much like a democracy turning into an autocracy. But the problem is who can beat Hilary? If the republicans really had a candidate that could beat her don't you think they would be proudly parading him/her around as the new "Champion Of The Republican Party", but they don't have on
  12. The republican do not have any one that is to appealing, Mcain is okay but he does not have the middle ground that he use to have, because he was trying to cater to the base of the party. Mr. Mayor will not sale in the south were his liberal socail side will not play well with them. That leave's who? Everyone know that the 2008 election is between Hilary and who ever the republicans can muster up. You guy give the republican party to much credit in this country, The old republican of small government and low taxes would be a very hard party to beat. But this spend crazy unilateral party rooted
  13. I think It is up to the democratic party do decide who will gain the most from the repulblican blunder
  14. Thank You for tell us P.S. Will the election night be the same, I mean does the congress always choose the republican cadidate in a draw, and can we have recounts?
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